Are you up for a 30 days of foreplay challenge? Here is your calendar:


Give your partner a compliment relating to his or her appearance. Say this in the nicest way possible and be very specific. Do it over the phone, via a text message, a message in his or her diary or on a sticky note.


Stare into your partner’s eyes during dinner. When he or she asks what’s going on, say: “Oh, I’m just planning what I’m going to do to you tonight.” (Make sure this sounds sexy and not at all like a threat!)


Leave subtle clues in strategic places, such as a bra hanging over a chair, a condom on his table in the study or a tie around your bedpost.


Give your partner a massage. Avoid the erogenous zones (except one or two light touches that happened seemingly by accident).


Undress sensually and slowly before going to bed. If you undress at a vastly different speed than you usually do, you will have his or her attention.


Surprise your partner with an unexpected kiss at a time he or she would least expect it. Make sure the kiss lasts much longer than usual.


Show much more skin than you usually do. Wear that halter-neck dress with the plunging neckline that makes you a little bit self-conscious.


Try something new and out of the ordinary. Book a table at a restaurant that you’ve never been to or try a new recipe together.


Write your partner an erotic note. Don’t shy away from graphic content. Leave it on his or her pillow.

DAY 10

Wake your partner up by gently stroking his or her entire body.

DAY 11

Take off your pajamas before your partner wakes up and snuggle up close. The secret is to restrain yourselves so that you can enjoy each other’s bodies later.

DAY 12

According to experts, the love hormone oxytocin gets released after 20 seconds of kissing, but most couples only kiss for six seconds. Make sure your kisses last longer today (it will make the sex this evening so much better!).

DAY 13

Phone your partner at least twice during the day to chat.

DAY 14

Before you go to work, recall a special and sexy memory that you two share. For example: “Remember that time when we were in the Seychelles and we stayed in bed all day? The weather was exactly the same as today’s weather.”

DAY 15

As soon as you get home from work, turn off your phone and say: “Tonight I’m all yours.”

DAY 16

Send your partner a gift. It can be something small such as a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine or a piece of lingerie.

DAY 17

Send your partner a sexy selfie. Be suggestive, but also subtle.

DAY 18

Tackle the chore or task that your partner keeps nagging you about. Whether it’s fixing the light in the bathroom or baking a cheesecake, do it.

DAY 19

Invite your partner to take a shower or bath with you today. Do you have to squeeze to fit in? Then at least it will make you laugh, and that’s also excellent foreplay!

DAY 20

Dress up for your partner, even if you don’t have any plans and are staying in. If your partner asks why you are all dressed up, say that you simply want to look good for him or her.

DAY 21

Sometimes the best foreplay is lending a helping hand. Does she hate cooking? Take care of dinner. Does he always forget to take out the trash? Do it for him.

DAY 22

What do you normally wear to bed? Stained pajamas? Wear something sexy and silky (or sleep naked!).

DAY 23

Leave a sexy note on the bathroom mirror before you leave for work.

DAY 24

Play! Get a pillow and start a pillow fight or a wrestling match. Pick your partner up and carry her to the bedroom. Excellent foreplay!

DAY 25

Everyone wants to feel like they are succeeding in something, so give your partner an “A+” today. Take a red pen or lipstick and a sheet of white paper and write: “A+ on your sharp sense of humour” or “A+ on being a great mom”.

DAY 26

Show the world that you are a tight-knit team. If you’re in the shops together, put your hand around your partner’s waist. Give him or her a big kiss in the grocery store.

DAY 27

Do you have a special song? Request the song and dedicate it to your partner on the radio station that he or she listens to.

DAY 28

Basic manners. When was the last time that you opened the car door for your partner? Or said thank you for something he or she did for you? If you start doing these little things again, you might be surprised at what a big difference it can make to your relationship and love life.

DAY 29

“Accidentally” slide up against your partner throughout the day. Rub your breasts against his back or slightly bump into him with your bum. Smile in a naughty and playful way.

DAY 30

Go to work or out to the shops without underwear today. Whisper to your partner that you’re not wearing any underwear and challenge him or her to do the same.

By now, you will know exactly which of these foreplay ideas work for you and your partner. Keep it up and enjoy a hotter marriage!