Do you only vaguely remember the vapor against the back window of his orange VW Beetle and that time your limbs performed acrobatic tricks you didn’t think were possible? Then it is time to once again close the bedroom door behind you… and let your imagination run wild! 

Here are a few ideas to step out of your comfort zone: 

  1. Book a hotel room and send a WhatsApp message to your partner to meet you there over lunchtime. Or plan an evening away for the two of you. Dress up and pretend that you are meeting each other in secret. Arrive separately and rip the clothes off each other!
  2. Sex on the kitchen table. You have most probably have heard of this one, but have you tried it yet? While busy in the kitchen, call him to come and help with something and wait for him wearing just your apron. If you really want to be dramatic, he can wipe everything off the table top before lifting you on there.
  3. In a swimming pool. Go away for the weekend to a holiday resort where there is a steaming hot pool. If entry is prohibited, however, rather don’t risk it. If you have a swimming pool at home, it can still be just as adventurous as you sneak out so that the kids don’t hear about your midnight escapades in the pool.
  4. On the boardroom table at work! If hubby has to work late, let him know that you will pop in quickly to say hello. Just make sure that no one else is working late. Put on your sexiest underwear underneath a big coat and surprise him. During Monday’s meeting he will definitely picture you on that very same table.
  5. When no one else is home, offer to help him wash the car. Park the car in the back yard, put on a white T-shirt and a bikini bottom and start washing. The result? Sex on the hood of his car – guaranteed!
  6. Ask for his help with the laundry and when you get to the washing machine, switch it on to start a load. Then get on top of the machine and pull him close…
  7. In the cold winter months, very few things beat sex in front of the fireplace. Put on some romantic music, light a few candles, open a bottle of red wine and place a soft carpet or blanket in front of the fire. Invite him to join you and one thing will most definitely lead to the next…
  8. When visiting his parents’ house, pay close attention to his every move. A few minutes after he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, get up from the table and wait for him outside the door. Surprise him with a passionate kiss and lead him into his old bedroom as a child.
  9. A weekend in the countryside can get very exciting. When visiting friends who live on a farm, go for a walk – just the two of you. Secretly run to the barn and throw your clothes over a haystack. Get down right there, but beware of sharp straw hems.
  10. Dune sex is a hit! When on holiday at the coast, go for a walk along the beach and lead him away from the water, into the dunes. As long as the wind isn’t blowing too strongly, you can have amazing sex between the dunes, without anyone seeing you, and with the sound of the waves in your ears and the sun on your naked skin.
  11. In a treehouse. When the kids are away one weekend, you can do it Tarzan-and-Jane-style. Break into the kids’ treehouse and go wild amongst the branches.
  12. Go shopping together for clothes. Take a few items with you to the changing room as if you are going to fit them. Hubby should stay close, perhaps checking out some woman’s underwear in the meantime. Call the assistant to bring you a different size of a certain item and once she is gone, hubby can sneak in. Slip into another cubicle and get it on with mirrors all around.
  13. When going camping, the possibilities are endless. Go for a walk and as long as the route is safe, you can wander off the trail and look for a spot where you can lie down between the ferns. You can also have sex against the walls of a cave or in a mountain pool. In the evenings the tent is available, but if you are alone, a spot next to the open fire is even better.
  14. Have you ever had sex in a rocking chair? There are people who claim that it is the best moving sex that one can have. If it is one of your fantasies to have sex while you and your partner are moving, you can also try it on a swing, a merry-go-round or a hammock.
  15. Sex in the back row at the movies is also a popular, but risky option. Buy tickets for the late-night show in the middle of the week, when it is unlikely that there would be many other people. Pick a romantic movie so that you have an appropriate backtrack to set the mood and one where hubby won’t move you aside to watch the end!
  16. In the sauna. For a warm, sweaty experience, don’t let the opportunity pass by to enjoy a sauna together. Sitting in a sauna is boring, hot and you only have towels around your bodies. Pretend that you are sitting somewhere exotic in a log cabin and there are long benches. Your bodies are so sweaty that you are slippery enough to slide around. And ladies, just think about all the calories that you will burn by combining a sauna session with a good round of sex!
  17. Visit a library – the bigger the better. A university library is a good idea to remind you about the carefree days when you could make out non-stop for 24 hours! Leave a note in his shirt pocket to meet you in the English Literature or Biology section. Then read a passionate Shakespeare piece or inspect a biology sketch of the human body before you bring those words and images to life between the bookshelves.
  18. Sex in the bathroom can also have many variations. Do it on the edge of the bath, in a tub with bubble bath, under the shower or quite simply flat on the bathroom tiles.
  19. On the stairs. There are few things so romantic as when a man carries his wife up the stairs to the bedroom. However, it is not even necessary to reach the bedroom. The railing and the fact that the stairs are at different heights create many opportunities for all kinds of interesting positions.
  20. The Mile-High Club is the phrase used to associate people who have had sex on a plane. If you have ever noticed people leaving the restroom cubicle on a plane at the same time, or shortly after one another, they are probably now members of the Mile-High Club… Maybe you should try.

The list really is endless. Any space that is big enough for two, is good enough for sex! Make a memory in each room of the house so that you can relive the remembrance of your passion time and again. And have sex in as many places as you dare. Whenever you revisit those spots, you will share a mysterious smile of which only you two know the meaning. 

Believe it or not – these are also 20 tried and tested sex hot-spots: 

  1. In a helicopter
  2. On a motorbike
  3. In a public restroom
  4. In a jacuzzi
  5. On a trampoline
  6. Under a rainbow
  7. In a field
  8. On a jungle gym
  9. On a balcony
  10. On the deck of a ship
  11. In a hot air balloon
  12. On the back of a horse
  13. While sailing in a canoe
  14. Next to a Christmas tree
  15. On a merry-go-round
  16. While scuba diving
  17. In the restroom at a restaurant
  18. On the wet grass under the full moon
  19. On the house’s roof
  20. Barefoot (and bareback) in the rain

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