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We want to invite you to put the 7 step Marriage Capsule method to the test:

  • Do Marriage Better.
  • Understand that you did not marry the wrong person, you might just be doing marriage wrong.

There is no risk. We offer you a 14-day money back guarantee. If you complete the course and did not find any value in it, let us know and you’ll get a complete refund. We believe in the method that much.

Learn how to do marriage better – only $199!

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  • Valuable content: More than 41 000 words! More than 11 years of research and experience in publishing a marriage magazine. We compiled all we know into a 7 step method, bringing you the ultimate marriage e-course that will change your life!
  • Your Expectation Manager – Where expectations meet reality. Complete the expectation manager together and prevent disappointments and conflict.
  • 23 Animated videos: Expertly designed to help you understand marriage better.
  • Printables: Beautiful downloadable printables, including habits, work sheets, action plans, prayers, activities for the bedroom and many more.
  • Gamification: We’ve used elements of play (for example quizzes, points scoring, badges and leaderboards) to ensure an enjoyable and winnable experience. Research shows this is the best new way to have a positive, learning experience with long-term results.
  • Badges and leaderboard: Earn badges as you smash the challenges and consume the content. See where you rank on the International leaderboard and be part of a community that cares for family values and making the World a better place.
  • International Marriage Hall of Fame: Get the recognition you deserve by being inducted into the International Marriage Hall of Fame and leaving a powerful legacy upon completion of all 7 levels.
  • LOFS temperaments: A temperament test unlike any other! Making sense of yourself, your partner and life together. Discover if you’re a Snow, Lake, Ocean or Fountain, and what your unique combinations are.  What does that mean for your marriage at home, in the bedroom and in communication?
  • Interactive quizzes: Challenge yourself and see how smart you are by means of quizzes, drag-and-drop challenges and more!
  • Guiding you through the process, is the founder and CEO of Marriage Capsule, Liezel van der Merwe, rounding of the entire experience with a personal touch!

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Our journey started with an advert we heard on the radio… We did not spent too much time wondering, and enrolled in the course very excitedly!

The course was very insightful and gave us the opportunity to rediscover one another, and to have discussions that we would never have had, if it was not for Marriage Capsule.

This was a pleasurable experience that we will recommend to all married couples!

Our marriage matters!


Etienne & Marinda =)

South Africa