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  • Do Marriage Better.
  • Understand that you did not marry the wrong person, you might just be doing marriage wrong.

There is no risk. We offer you a 14-day money back guarantee. If you complete the course and did not find any value in it, let us know and you’ll get a complete refund. We believe in the method that much.

Learn how to do marriage better – only $199!

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  • Valuable content: More than 41 000 words! More than 11 years of research and experience in publishing a marriage magazine. We compiled all we know into a 7 step method, bringing you the ultimate marriage e-course that will change your life!
  • Your Expectation Manager – Where expectations meet reality. Complete the expectation manager together and prevent disappointments and conflict.
  • 23 Animated videos: Expertly designed to help you understand marriage better.
  • Printables: Beautiful downloadable printables, including habits, work sheets, action plans, prayers, activities for the bedroom and many more.
  • Gamification: We’ve used elements of play (for example quizzes, points scoring, badges and leaderboards) to ensure an enjoyable and winnable experience. Research shows this is the best new way to have a positive, learning experience with long-term results.
  • Badges and leaderboard: Earn badges as you smash the challenges and consume the content. See where you rank on the International leaderboard and be part of a community that cares for family values and making the World a better place.
  • International Marriage Hall of Fame: Get the recognition you deserve by being inducted into the International Marriage Hall of Fame and leaving a powerful legacy upon completion of all 7 levels.
  • LOFS temperaments: A temperament test unlike any other! Making sense of yourself, your partner and life together. Discover if you’re a Snow, Lake, Ocean or Fountain, and what your unique combinations are.  What does that mean for your marriage at home, in the bedroom and in communication?
  • Interactive quizzes: Challenge yourself and see how smart you are by means of quizzes, drag-and-drop challenges and more!
  • Guiding you through the process, is the founder and CEO of Marriage Capsule, Liezel van der Merwe, rounding of the entire experience with a personal touch!

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Journey of intimacy

Thank you for a wonderful journey the past 7 weeks. We couldn’t wait for each course to start. It really is a super course, not one boring moment. We learnt wonderful things and dusted off things we already knew. Truly a gift to our marriage.

Nico and Retha Grobler
South Africa