If things are going well in the bedroom, the marriage is doing well. We have all heard this tune a hundred times. But most men are blissfully unaware of the fact that the joy of marriage is literally in their own hands.

The art of sensual massage is trick that every man should have up his sleeve. The essence of good massage lies in creating a special atmosphere. The pace of the caressing sensory exploratory journey is also very important.

Here are a few massage techniques that every man should master:

  • Shiatsu: This is the main massage technique used in Japan. The thumbs are placed on an area where there are muscle knots and then circulatory movements are performed to relax the knot.
  • Put her under pressure: Apply downward pressure with your palms on a specific area to improve blood flow to the area. This is usually done before the shiatsu technique is applied.
  • Rub and caress: Make sure that your hands and her back are oiled. Keep your fingers together and make sure that your palms stay in contact with her body at all times, while performing long, slow movements.
  • Friction technique: This is a technique specially suited to the hands and feet. Oil is unnecessary. Rub your knuckles firmly up and down the inside of her foot.
  • According to Jonti Searll, a sensualist from Johannesburg who teaches sensual and erotic massage, your first genital touch – if indeed your massage is going to be sensual in nature – should only be after 15 to 20 minutes and it should be feather-like.

Ten areas where every woman wants to be touched:

  • Hair and skull.
  • Pelvis.
  • Inside of thigh.
  • Feet.
  • Earlobes.
  • Palms of her hands.
  • The back of her knees.
  • Lower back.
  • Clavicle.
  • In the pit of her neck.

Tricks to drive her through the roof when things start to heat up:  

  • Go slow – very slow: It is not a race against time. When it comes to hand stimulations, women want to enjoy the process. Take your time.
  • Well-oiled: First, make sure that your nails are cut and that you apply a good sensual lubricant – she will be eternally grateful.
  • Hit the spot. The G-spot and clitoris are the two erogenous zones that are directly linked to the woman’s ability to reach orgasm. The clitoris is located on the outside above the labia and is fairly easy to identify. The G-spot is slightly harder to find. With the palm of your hand facing up, place two fingers inside the vagina and move them as if you are calling someone closer. If you feel a ribbed area, you are in the right place.
  • Two are better than one: While stimulating the G-spot, use your thumb to stroke the clitoris. This will make her roll her eyes back. Start with big circular movements that gradually become smaller. Communication is important, because your spouse’s body language will give you a clear indication of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Naughty little butt: Spank that bum. It is an art. But there is a fine line between pain and pleasure. Make a cup with your hands, holding your fingers together – it is a good way to make it sound louder without causing more pain. Tease her and build anticipation between each spank.

Have these facts and techniques at your fingertips and you lovely wife will be eternally grateful.