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2Corne and Elsie from South Africa2035
3Marilee from South Africa2035
4Captain and Firstofficer1865
5Danie and Wilmari from South-Africa1795
6Eon and Lourese from South Africa1765
7Jaco and Lizelle from South Africa1765
8Johann and Mandie from South Africa1755
9Tinus and Anja from South Africa1755
10Bartlo and Rentia from South Africa1745
11SJ and Hanri from South Africa1735
12Corle and Riaan from South Africa1735
13Elmarie and Gert from South Africa1725
14Nadine and Mitch from South Africa1725
15Hansie and Petro Swart1705
16Molie and Annaliza from South Africa1705
17Francois and Charlene from South Africa1705
18Johan and Elna from South Africa1705
19Anel and Christiaan from South Africa1705
21Martin and Annelde from South Africa1695
22Kobus and Alet-Mari from South Africa1695
23Piet and Sarize from South Africa1695
24Servaas ande Suzanne from South Africa1695
25Dirk and Lorraine from South Africa1695
26Peter and Sharon from South Africa1695
27Giel and Shani1695
28Fritz and Amanda from South Africa1695
29Stephan and Lisa from South Africa1695
30Andre and Steveleen from South Africa1695
31Jan and Charlotte from South Africa1695
32Karien and J South Africa1695
33Jacques and Christine from South Africa1695
34Jan-Hendrik and Rentia from Suid-Afrika1695
35Gerhard and Madeleine from South Africa1695
36Johan and Hannelie from South Africa1695
37Nico and Retha from South Africa1695
38Jors and Marie from South Africa1695
39Theuns and Ansia from South Africa1695
40Bernard and Petro South Africa1695
41Nico and Elize from South Africa1695
42Johan and Hettie from South Africa1695
43Fouche and Tanya from South Africa1695
44Mercia and Hein from South Africa1695
45Adriaan and Henrietta from South Africa1695
46Pieter en Hannelie from South Africa1695
47Eddie and Amanda from South Africa1695
48JP and M from RSA1695
49Jo and Marinda from South Africa1695
50Koos and Lola from South Africa1695
51Pierre and Elizna from South Africa1695
52Daniel and Leslie from South Africa1695
53George and Yolandi from South Africa1695
54Daniel and Jana from South Africa1695
55Frederick and Chantelle from South Africa1695
56Japie and Gerda from South Africa1695
57Koos en Madeleen van Suid Afrika1695
58Nelius and Edna from South Africa1695
59Danie and Lizelle South Africa1695
60Fourie and Sinty from South Africa1695
61Joe and Hilda from South Africa1695
62Michelle and Anton South Africa1695
63Herman and Maryke from South Africa1695
64Vorster en Ilinza1695
65Derick and Natisha-Michele from South Africa1695
66Alta en Skip van Suid-Afrika1695
67Paul and Esme from South Africa1695
68Alvin and Zonika from South Africa1695
69J and G from South Africa1695
70Danie and Irma from South Africa1695
71Jan en Bettie van Suid Afrika1695
72Bernard and Anita from South Africa1695
73Melonie and Raphael from South Africa1695
74Adele and Roelof from South Africa1695
75Francois and Marihan from South Africa1695
76Johan and Coleen from South Africa1695
77Kobus and Annalise from South Africa1695
78SItche and Ronel from South Africa1695
79Henk and Sonette from South Africa1695
80Marlis and Andre from South Africa1695
81John and Lorraine from South Africa1695
82Inare and Michael from South Africa1695
83Manie and Monique South Africa1695
84Hennie and Karensa1695
85Wynand and Alda from South Africa1695
86Manie en Marietjie Suid-Afrika1695
87Jos en Carina van Suid Afrika1695
88Annatjie en Deon1695
89Etienne and Marinda from South Africa1695
90Jennifer and Louis1695
91Willem and Suzette from South Africa1695
92Johannes and Anria from South Africa1695
93Louis and Jolandi1695
94Danie and Alta from South Africa1695
95Peet and Landi from South Africa1695
96Johan and Elize from South Africa1695
97Anton and Salome from South Africa1695
98Joe and Lois1695
99Carien and Johan from South Africa1695
100Willie and Nerina from South Africa1695
101Gert and Lynelle from South Africa1695
102Felicia and Pieter from South Africa1695
103Anton and Daleen from South Africa1695
104Rolf and Desiree from South Africa1695
105Jaco and Tanya from South Africa1695
106Dennis and Magdil from South Africa1695
107Andre en Carina1695
108Wilma and Hugh from South Africa1695
109Werner and Liezl from South Africa1695
110Etienne and Martha from South Africa1695
111Pieter andHendrina from South Africa1695
112Dylan and Luane from South Africa1695
113Hannes and Denise from South Africa1695
114Tylah-Leih and Marcel from South Africa1695
115Jan and Steve from USA1695
116James from Melbourne and Lieze from South Africa1695
118Excelda and Christo from South Africa1695
119Chris and Janine1695
120Cobus and Elzanne from south Africa1695
121Tommy and Melinda from South Africa1695
122Kevin and Kelsey from United States1695
123Jacques and Annelie from South Africa1695
124Cora-Mari and Jacques from south africa1695
125Peter and Talya from South Africa1695
126Gert and Lanie from South Africa1695
127Johann and Maureen from South Africa1695
128G and N from South Africa1695
129Graham and Celeste from South Africa1695
130Helmien and Kinnie South Africa1695
131Lucas and Celia from South Africa1695
132Willem and Danielle from South Africa1695
133Gerhard and Anli from South Africa1695
134Marc and Mariette from South Africa1695
135Gawie en Ursulah van Suid Afrika1695
136Richard and Hanna from South Africa1695
137Antoinette van Wyk from South Africa1695
138Nico and Laine from South Africa1695
139Jannie and Lize from South Africa1695
140Neels and Louise from South-Africa1695
141Alicea and Eric from South Africa1695
142Hansie and Chandre from South Africa1695
143Benedette and Ruhan from South Africa1695
144Herman and Elsa from South Africa1695
145Gerhard and Kobie from South Africa1695
146Lisca and Gerrit-Daan from South Africa1695
147Jaco en Marli from South Africa1695
148Petrus and Talia from Namibia1695
149Leon and Lesanne from South Africa1695
150Jan and Elmien from South Africa1695
151Pieter and Erica from South Africa1695
152Dirkie and Beanka from South Africa1695
154Riaan and Marina from South Africa1695
155Cois en Adri van Suid-Afrika1695
156Janine and Wayne from South Africa1695
157Arri and Madri from South Africa1695
158Kobus and Tessa from Cape Town1695
159Etienne en Zarise van Suid Afrika1695
160Pierre en Nelmarie van Suid-Afrika1695
161Inge and Wayne from South Africa1695
162Peter and Jane from South Africa1695
163Tiaan and Amore from South Africa1695
164Dewald and Elrize from South Africa1695
165Martin and Maryke from South Africa1695
166Roulof and Chriszelle Hefer from South Africa1695
167Su-Mari and Francois from South Africa1695
168Tobie and Carol from South Africa1695
169Chris and Saartjie from South Africa1695
170Jeandre and Zirkia from South Africa1695
171Samuel and Marinda from South Africa1695
172Henlu en Mercia from SouthAfrica1695
173Mariette and Wayne from South Africa1695
174Japie en Melinda van Suid Africa1695
175Morne and Annette from South Africa1695
176Josias and Lume from South Africa1695
177Kobus en Debbi van Suid Afrika1695
178Riana and Frans from South Africa1695
180Pieter and Retha from South Africa1695
181Eugene and Enrike from South Africa1695
182Yolandi and Quinton from South Africa1695
183Antoon en Elsabe van UAE1695
184Gustav and Zindi from South Africa1695
185Debra and Stefan from South Africa1695
186Mars and Gals from South Africa1695
187Pieter and Juanette from South Africa1695
188De Wet and Marelize from South Africa1695
189Liezel and Ian from United Kingdom1695
190Johnny and Delia from South Africa1695
191Johan en Rehani from South Africa1695
192Hendrik and Talitha from South Africa1695
193Wiehan and Yolanda1695
194Erich and Talita from South Africa1695
195Hannes en Biance van SA1695
196Peter and Hestie from South Africa1695
197Peet and Vanessa from South Africa1695
198Frikkie and Anje from South Africa1695
199Marno and Amore from South Africa1695
200Wynand and Chantel from South Africa1695
201Elmarie and Andre K from South Africa1695
202Quintin and Janicke1695
203Wilmo and Ursula from South Africa1695
204Edzaard and Grimbeek from South Africa1695
205Izelle and Wayne from South Africa1695
206Jo and Maritza from South Africa1695
207Conrad and Shantelle South Africa1695
208Hendriena en Fanie Australia1695
209Hannes and Melissa from South Africa1695
210Benard and Jo-Marie from South Africa1695
211Grandu en Izelle van Suid Afrika1695
212Lester and Jonel from South Africa1695
213Rudi and Miranda from South Africa1695
214Eugene and Esmari from South Africa1695
215Janine and Marius1695
216Gerhard and Michelle from South Africa 20201695
217Rico and Eljana from South Africa1695
218Vernon and Alana from South-Africa1695
219Marius and Melissa from south Africa1695
220Renier and Elizca from South Africa1695
221Pierre and Leoni from South Africa1695
222Trevor and Dorette from South Africa1695
223Bertus and Maryna1695
224Johann en Michelle van Suid Afrika1695
225Werner and Marise from South Africa1695
226Henk en Susan van Suid-Afrika1695
227Faansie and Ronel from South Africa1695
228Brian and Anke from South Africa1695
229Francois and Lenize from South Africa1695
230Johan and Adri from South Africa1695
231Johan and Yvonne from South Africa1695
232Riaan and Richenda from South Africa1695
233Diederik and Louise from South Africa1695
234Frederick and Nilene1695
235Piet and Eve from South Africa1695
236Wimpie and karin south africa1695
237Jaco and Marinda from South Africa1695
238Bianca and Riaan from South Africa1695
239Stefan and Carlie1695
240Frans and Rene from South Africa1695
241Andrew and Haruna from the USA1695
242Elrietha and Kotze from South Africa1695
243Charl and Madelein 2020 from South Africa1695
244Desmond and Penny from South Africa1695
245Pierre and Liezl from South Africa1695
246Ruan and Ansu-Mari from South Africa1695
247Niel and Li-Anne from South Africa1695
248Janco and Lodri from South Africa1695
249Marcel and Chantelle from South Africa1695
250Nicholas and Fernande from south Africa1695
251Paul and suretha from south africa1695
252Pieter and Cindy from South Africa1695
253Brandon and Zandrie from South Africa1695
254Ettiene and Isabel from South Africa1695
255Donovan and Karen de Wet from South Afrika1695
256Willem en Corrie van Suid-Afrika1695
257Charne and Gawie from South Africa1695
258Ivan and Eunice from South Africa1695
259Gerhard and Sasha from South Africa1695
260Frederik en Annemarie van Suid-Afrika1695
261Cobus and Renette from South Africa1695
262Quintus and Yolandi from South Africa1695
263Ruan and Courtney from SA1695
264E and R from SA1695
266Paul and Jean-Mare from south Africa1695
267Sarel and Marieta from South Africa1695
268Riaan and Michelle from South Africa1695
269Sonette and lourens from south Africa1695
270Willie and Mathilda from South Africa1695
271Ane and John from South Africa1695
272Pierre and Lizelle from South Africa1695
273Greg and Betina from South Africa1695
274Jacques and Meliza from South Africa1695
275Jaco en Amanda South Africa1695
276Jacques and Antoinette from South Africa1695
277Albert and Martie from South Africa1695
278Meinie and Driekie from South Africa1695
279Hannes en Elise van Suid Afrika1695
280Wilmar and Grethe from South Africa1695
281John and Maryna from South Africa1695
282Erika and Dean from South Africa1695
283Petrus and Christa from South Africa1695
284Gerrit and Chantal from South Africa1695
285Carel and Adrie from South Africa1695
286Alex and Brenda1695
287Paul and Lucia from South Africa1695
288John and Sunet from South Africa1695
289Phillip and Laurette from South Africa1695
290Marius and Hettie from South Africa1695
291Johannes and Gerda1695
292Stephan en Elzeth van SA1695
293Jaco and Alichia from South Africa1695
294Frederick and Sariette from South Africa1695
295Wynand and Annelise from South Africa1695
296M and M South Africa1695
297Rigardt and Aretha from South Africa1695
298Wynand and Idelle from South Africa1695
299Devon and Simone from South Africa1695
300Fred and Jurina from South Africa1695
301Marc and Liezl from South Africa1695
302Ian and Anri from South Africa1695
303Marius and Nikki from South Africa1695
304Jessica and Liron from South Africa1695
305Christo and Edna from South Africa1695
306Pierre and Carin from South Africa1695
307Juane and Corrie from South Africa1695
308Jacques and Jorita from South Africa1695
309George and Willene from SA1695
310Daniel and Zanel from South Africa1695
311Darren and Jessica from South Africa1695
312Willem and Ilke1695
313Mari-Louise and George1695
314Chris and Chevonne from South Africa1695
315Leana and JJ from South Africa1695
316Johan en Urna from South Africa1695
317Annelie and Johan from South Africa1695
318Marlin and Mariska from South Africa1695
319Henry en aliza1695
320Natasha and Charl from South Africa1695
321Fritz and Yolandi from South Africa1695
322Pieter en Maryke Oberholzer South Africa1695
323Raymond and Leandri from South Africa1695
324Dewald and Lizca from South Africa1695
325Rassie and Isabella from South Africa1695
326Petro and Gideon from South Africa1695
327Nikki and Francois from South Africa1695
328Cees and Annalie from South Africa1695
329Marnus and Elouise from South Africa1695
330Daniel and Lize from South Africa1695
331Jan and Saar 20211695
332Ryno and Mari 20211695
333Christo and Tesmari from South Africa 20211695
334Tommie and vicky from South Africa 20211695
335Ramona and Andre from South Africa1695
336Andre and Zemha form South Africa 20211695
337Bradley and Christel from Namibia1695
338Hennie en Estie van Suid Afrika 20211695
339Stefan and Alda from South Africa 20211695
340Nardus and Melissa from South Africa1695
341Samantha and Reinhardt 20211695
342Henro and Sune from South Africa 20211695
343Danie and Chante from South Africa 20211695
344Hannie and Annie from South Africa 20211695
345Martin and Nicolien from South Africa 20211695
346Hein and Lindy from South Africa 20211695
347Grant and Elizma from South Africa 20211695
348PJ and Lisa from South Africa 20211695
349Riaan and Liza from South Africa1695
350Danie and Nicola 20211695
351Trudie and Frikkie from South Africa 20211695
352Gielie and Liechen from South Africa1695
353Estian and Colene from South Africa 20211695
354Eduard and Eileen from South Africa 20211695
355Dylan and Engela from America and South Africa 20211695
356Johan and Tersia from South Africa 20211695
357Tinus and Liezel from South Africa 20211695
358HarryandSanet from South Africe 202q1695
359Lindy and Theo from South Africa1695
360Willem en Dalene van Namibie1695
361Pieter and Elsandri from New Zealand 20211695
362Mileska and Janhendri from south africa 20211695
363Heinrich and Charlaine from South Africa 20211695
364Gideon and Cherine from South Africa 20211695
365Braam and Alet from South Africa 20211695
366Johan and Trezelle from South Africa 20211695
367Michael and Michelle from South Africa1695
368Max and Luette from ZA1695
369Wepner and Tharina from South Africa1695
370Johan Amelda from South Africa 20211695
371Wynand and Marilize from South Africa1695
372Francois and Landi from South Africa1695
373Marius and Charmaine from South Africa1695
374Arno and Judy Venter from South Africa1695
375Sebina and Johannes Blanckenbergh from Namibia1695
376Theo and Madelein from south africa1695
377Elzar and Jenny from South Africa 20211695
378Sahann and Nikki from South Africa1695
379Michelle and Daniel from South Africa 20211695
380Armand and Marne from South Africa 20211695
381Bryan and Madelein from South Africa 20211695
382JanDirk and Janneke from South Africa 20211695
383Juandre and Willie from South Africa 20211695
384Charles and Lorraine from South Africa1695
385Kobus and Carien from South Africa 20211695
386Denise and MD from SA1695
387Martin and Angelique from South Africa 20211695
388Peter and Bonnita from South Africa 20211695
389Neil and Mari from South Africa 20211695
390Melissa and George from South Africa1695
391Dawie and Delene from Namibia1695
392Jaco and Ivett South Africa 20221695
393Heindrich and Sjaan from South Africa1695
394Theunis and Ninette from South Africa 20221695
395Eugene and Petrisia from South Africa 20221695
396Aldo and Ilene van Namibie 20221695
397Kobus and Corne from South Africa1695
398Johan and Ena from South Africa1695
399Tinus and Renette from South Africa 20221695
400Deon en Thea from VDBP South Africa 20221695
401Eugene and Marissa Jacob from South Africa1695
402Alwyn en Karen from SA 20221695
403Magda en Bennie from South Africa1695
404Magda and Des from South Africa 20221695
405Riaan and Luzelle from South Africa 20221695
407Elsabe and Pieter from South Africa 20221695
408Een and Maryann from South Africa 20221695
409Johan and Kobie from South Africa 20221695
410Marianda and Dian from South Africa1695
411Henno en Ronel van SA 20221695
412Pieter and Nicolette from South Africa 20221695
413Driekus and Lizelle from South Africa 20221695
414Andre and Thursia from South Africa 20221695
415Riaan and Melette from South Africa 20221695
416Jaco and Natania from South Africa 20221695
417Nardus and Luzanne from South Africa 20221695
418Jaco and Anne from South Africa 20221695
419Jaco en Susan1695
420Johannes and Jolene from South Africa1695
421Peter and Colane from Nambia 20221695
422Lisa and Hanco from SA 20221695
423Ockert and Charmay from SA1695
424Quentin and Yolande from SA 20221695
425Martin and Lizaan from SA1695
426Heino and Bernadette South Africa 20221695
427Danie en Sonja South Afrika 20221695
428Herman and Samantha from South Africa 20221695
429Jurriaan en Sonelle van Suid Afrika 20221695
430Gawie and Luciel from South Africa 20221695
431Philip en Miralde 20221695
432Kobus and Rene from South Africa 20221695
433Anthonie en Jeanine van Suid Afrika 20221695
434Andre and Adrie South Africa 20221695
436Anneret en Leroix Van Suid Afrika 20221695
437Jack and Annelize from South Africa 20221695
438Karen en Keith van Suid Afrika 20231695
440Renier and Carissa South Africa 20231695
441Francois and Salmari from South Africa 20231695
442Aneka and JP from South Africa 20231695
443Christoff en Chantelle van Suid Afrika 20231695
444Hermann en Melani Vlotman1695
445Pierre en Eugenie van SA 20231695
446George en Elsje from South Africa 20231695
447CP and Annemari from South Africa 20231695
448Heiko and Charmaine from South Africa 20231695
450Cobus and Janine from South Africa 20231695
451Pieter and Riana from South Africa 20231695
453Pieter and Zirkia from South Africa 20231695
454George and Wilnelie from South Africa 20241695
455Elanie and Bennie from South Africa 20241695
456Dries en Rialette 20241695
457Neville and Elly1695
458Charl and Tanya from Namibia1685
459John and Martie from Namibia1605
460Jan and Lize from South Africa1600
461Zirk and Janine from South Africa1595
462Gerhard and Magda from South Africa1595
463Sarel en Alida1595
464Morne and Charmaine from South Africa1595
465Albertus and Louise from South Africa1595
466Hannes and Sunee from South Africa1595
467Inus and Chrisna from South Africa1595
468Will and Lizelle from South Africa1595
469Thinus and Anneri from South Africa1595
470Theo and Karlien from South Afriva1595
471Charlene and Johan from South Africa1595
472Skolla and Blanche from South Africa1595
473J and A1595
474Jacques en Yvette from South Afrika1595
475Charles en Elana from South Africa1595
476Frans and Chrisna from South Africa1595
477Billy and Jackie1595
478Kobus and Hanlie from South Africa1595
479Francois and Natasha from South Africa 20211595
480Attie and Claudia1595
481Rick and Angelique from South Africa 20211595
482Yorke and Christine 20221595
485George and Stephanie from South Africa1585
486Jerry en Hester van Suid-Afrika1585
487Pieter and Henriette from South Africa1585
488Chris and Jeanine from South Africa1585
489Phil and Riette from South Africa1585
490Steph en Stephnie van Suid-Afrika1585
491Frans and Mandie from South Africa1585
492Janus and Corlette from South Africa1585
493Arend and Simone from South Africa1585
494Jacques and Lynnette from South Africa1585
495Malin and Cleona from South Africa1585
496Cliff en Pat1585
497Maarten en Laurine van Suid-Afrika1585
498Niels and Isabel from South Africa1585
499Hannelie and Johan from South Africa1585
500Rinus and Retha from South Africa1585
501Martjan and Tanya from South Africa1585
502Elzahn and Anelia South Africa1585
503Zebedee and Hanre from South Africa1585
504Henco and Cicelia South Africa1585
505Scott and Laura USA1585
506Nadia and Johan from South Africa1585
507Riana and Stanley from South Africa1585
508Danie en Ninke van Suid Afrika1585
509Melanie and Johan from South Africa1585
510David and Lizelle from South Africa1585
511Lourens and Elismarie from South Africa1585
512Riaan and Petro from South Africa1585
513Freddie and Eden from South Africa1585
514Chevonne en Nelis van Suid Afrika1585
515Dirk and Natascha South Africa1585
516Christiaan and Theanette from South Africa1585
517Heste and Bc from South Africa1585
518Johan en Lize van Suid-Afrika1585
519Gerda and Willie Nel from South Africa1585
520Clayton and Wilisna from south africa1585
521Marchant and Zirkia South Africa1585
522Mitzi and Johan from South Africa1585
523Christiaan and Odet from South Africa1585
524Malcolm and Estelle from South Afrika1585
525Liesel and Jean-Re from South Africa1585
526Winel and Na-ike from South Africa1585
527Jan en Jacoline van Suid Afrika1585
528G and Marieke Joubert1585
529Anna and A from South Africa1585
530Jaco and Janie from South Africa1585
531Msrco and Charlene from South Africs1585
532Derrick and Marli from South Africa1585
533Barthlo and Bianca from South Africa1585
534Wim and Theunie from South Africa1585
535Pieter en Gizelle1585
536Werner and Marilene from South Africa 20211585
537Truter en Jonita South Africa 20211585
538Daantjie en Thalia van SA 20211585
540Casper and Nicolett from SA 20211585
541Viljoen and Rina from South Africa1585
542Hanelize and Rikus from South Africa 20211585
543Luzanne and Hendrik from South Africa 20221585
544Dawid and Celeste South Africa 20191585
545Wendy Ann en Tommie 20221585
546Dirk and Annette from South Africa 20221585
547Anton and Antoinette from South Africa 20221585
548Ronell and Petrus from South Africa 20221585
549Bennie and Bernadette from South Africa 20221585
550Sure and Neville from South Africa 20221585
552Jakkie en Romien van Suid Afrika1585
553Rion and Elzet from South Africa1585
554Alwyn en Mariska van Suid Afrika1555
555Nico and Karin from South Africa1555
556Jan and Marsha from South Africa1555
557Joyce and Nico from South Africa1555
558Barry and Cindy from South Africa1555
559Christian en Maritza van Suid-Afrika1555
560Pieter-Jan and Chrisjonel from South Africa1555
562Coetzer and Marechele from South Africa1555
563Dion and Lenka from South Africa1555
564Jaco and Anneri from South Africa1555
565Johan and Antoinette from South Africa1555
566Ernst and Lelanie from South Africa1555
567Hennie and Gizela from South Africa1555
568BM and Elizna from South Africa1555
569Nelmari and Tertius from South Africa1555
570Matthys and Annalie South Africa1555
571Ruaan and Carien from South Africa1555
572Eddie and Amanda South Africa1555
573Jan and Antoinette from South Africa1555
574Tinus and Karin from South Africa1555
575Elizmari and Tyrone from South Africa1555
576Jaco and Marolene from South Africa1555
577Dawid and Leonie from South Africa1555
578Francois and Sarah from South Africa1555
579Rickus and Zinia South Africa1555
580Rudi en Sisca from South Africa1555
581Corne and Pieter from South Africa1555
582Alna and Dawie from South Africa1555
583Pierre and Dane from South Africa1555
584Joberto and Jessica from South Africa1555
585Hardus and Mynette from South-Africa1555
586Johan en Ronel van Suid Afrika 20211555
587Benard and Charne from South Africa 20211555
588Lize and Dawie from South Africa 20211555
589Jan en Carlien van Suid Afrika 20221555
590Pierre and Marielouise from South Africa 20221555
591FJ en Sharon Suid Afrika1555
592Johan en Karin from South Africa1555
593Alexander and Anneline from Paarl 20231555
594Kelvin and Esmeralda from South Africa 20231555
595Coenraad and lientjie from South Africa1545
596Jules and Sandy from South Africa1545
597Pieter and Adele from South Africa1540
598Danie en Leanda van Suid Afrika1535
599Judith and NJ From SA1535
600Bernard en Barbara van Suid Afrika1525
601Jaun and Ansie from South Africa1525
602Bernard and Fransa from South Africa1525
603Ethel and Johan from South Africa1525
604Derik and Eljana from south Africa1525
605Henry en Petro van Suid Afrika1525
606Gert and Elmarie from South Africa1525
607LD and Roline from South Africa1525
608Cindy and Johan from South Africa1525
609Marius and Tersia from South Africa1525
610Salome en Pieter van Suid Afrika1525
611Seef en Hilda van Suid Afrika1525
612Jacky and Greg from South Africa1525
613Henko and Cristel from South Africa1525
614Alicia and Francois from South Africa1525
615Wessel and Bianca from Suid-Afrika1525
616Dawid and Elvereen from South Africa1525
617M en F from South Africa1525
618Neil and Maryke from South Africa1525
619Ronald and Petrolene Chinner from South Africa1525
620Jan and Danelle van Linden1525
621Sarel and Nicola from South Africa1525
622Helgard and Antoinette Gous1525
623Andre and Charnine from South Africa1525
624Bennie en Annerie van Suid-Afrika1525
625Manie and Tania from South Africa1525
626Gustav en Bibi van Dubai1525
627Werner and Amanda from South Africa1525
628Adriaan and Esme from South Africa1525
629Brendan and Rize-Mari from South Africa1525
630Nico en Zelda van Suid Afrika1525
631Muller and Alida from South Africa1525
632Johan and Michelle Pieters from South Africa1525
633Pieter en Vera van Suid Afrika1525
634Willem and Tharina from South Africa1525
635Minette and Shaun from South Africa1525
636Louis and Ilse from South Africa1525
637Nils and Anrika from South Africa1525
638Willem en Elmien from South Africa1525
639Gerrit and Eldie from South Africa1525
640Emmogene and Gert-Daniel from South Africa1525
641JP and Marlie from South Africa1525
642Ian and Jo-Mare from South Africa1525
643Waldo and Anika from South Africa1525
644Johan and Louise from South Africa1525
645John en Nadia from South Africa1525
646Herman and Lynnette from South Africa1525
647Marius and Nadia from South Africa1525
648Edgar and Mariska from South Africa1525
649Kobus and Wilene from South Africa1525
650Kobus and Brenda from South Africa1525
651Samantha and Dirk from South Africa1525
652Jerry en Mirida van Suid Afrika1525
653Arrie and Corne from South Africa1525
654Meyer and Alize from South Africa11525
655Flip and Anri from South Africa1525
656Bremer and Marshe from South Africa1525
657Zander and Brumilda from South Africa1525
658Wico and Danel from South Africa1525
659Chris and Hendra from South Africa1525
660Ben en Charna van Suid Afrika1525
661Raymond and Anel South Africa1525
662Hendrik and Marlene from South Africa1525
663Lincoln and Le-Zaria from South Africa1525
664Marius and Marilize from South Africa1525
665Corneil and Nerette from South Africa1525
666Frik and Ninet from South Africa1525
667Wanda and Tertius from South Africa1525
668Jonatan and Tasha ftom South Africa1525
669Joanine and Gerhard from South Africa1525
670Graham and Telani from South Africa1525
671Wiehann and Janine from South Africa1525
672Alwyn and Madri from South Africa1525
673Roelof and Tinkie from South Africa1525
674Heste and Pierre from South-Africa1525
675Abrie en Marlize South Africa1525
676Jacques and Charleen from South Africa1525
677Pierre and Martone from South Africa1525
678Riaan en Gerda from South Africa1525
679Johan and Rina in Cape Town Soutv Africa1525
680Paul and Marli from South Africa1525
681Dawie and Heloise from South Africa1525
682Jaco en Carin van Suid Africa1525
683Cassie and Elize from South Africa1525
684Wikus and Grethe from South Africa1525
685Jaco and Elaine South Africa1525
686Donna-Lee and Jan-Sjoerd from South Africa1525
687Henk and Aniche from South Africa1525
688Rassie and Elza from South Africa1525
689Lindie and Jaques from South-Africa1525
690Pierre and Sue from South Africa1525
691Johann and Nada from South Africa1525
692Pieter and Chantelle from South Africa1525
693Ernst and Marli from South Africa1525
694Jako en Michelle van Suid Afrika1525
695Madeleen en Johann from South Africa1525
696Hennie and Marietjie from South Africa1525
697Carmen and Wicus from South Africa1525
698Dirk en Rene van Suid Afrika1525
699Frederik and Liezel South Africa1525
700Johan and Caroline from South Africa1525
701Jacques and Lyzelle from South Africa1525
702Helene and Naas from South Africa1525
703Wayne and Rika from SouthAfrica1525
704Durr en Alne van Suid Afrika1525
705Hannes and Liezl from South Africa1525
706Pieter and Anelda from South Africa1525
707Armand and Annelise from South Africa1525
708Anneli and Martin from South Africa1525
709Ruaan S and Janke from South Africa1525
710Lieb and Riette from South Africa1525
711Clayton and Jusy from South Africa1525
712Morne and Sonja South Africa1525
713Micheal and Ilze from South Africa1525
714Gerhard and Brumilda from South Africa1525
715Jaco and Natasha from South Africa1525
716Riaan and Elmarie from South Africa1525
717Henco and Tracy from South Africa1525
718Paul and Janie from South Africa1525
719Jan and Annellie from Cape Town1525
720Ruan and Tanya from South Africa1525
721Rikus and Lize-marie from South Africa1525
722Edward and Joanie from South Africa1525
723Frans and Yolande from South Africa1525
724Leandie and Jan from South Africa1525
725George and Zelda from South Africa1525
726Hannetjie and Christo from South Africa1525
727Reon and Aimee from South Africa1525
728Gerhard and Danielle from South Africa1525
729Neill and Natasha South Africa1525
730Marnitz and Cecilia from South Africa1525
731Christo and Chantel from South Africa1525
732Esmerilda and Johan from South Africa1525
733Deon and Colette South-Africa1525
734Hennie and Elzanne from South Africa1525
735Jors and Suzette from South Africa1525
736Shaun and Sharon from South Africa1525
737Lizemirie en Heinrich van Suid Afrika1525
738Johan and Melinda from South Africa1525
739WF en Sanphia van Suid-Afrika1525
740Cornelis en Melanie van Suid-Afrika1525
741Jan and Lynette from South Africa1525
742Conrad and Charmaine from South Africa1525
743Anna-Mart and Neels South Africa1525
744Jan and Michelle-Ann from South Africa1525
745Eben and Lizanne from South Africa1525
746Nicolaas and Maria from South Africa1525
747Natalie and Buks from South Africa1525
748Willecia and Danie from South Africa1525
749Lezindie and Louis from South Africa1525
750Kobus and Jeanie from South Africa1525
751Claudie and Rudi from Ireland1525
752Nico and Franci from South Africa1525
753Andre and Elzanne from South Africa1525
754Jaco and Carna from South Africa1525
755Johan en Carien van Suid Afrika1525
756Michelle and Christo from South Africa1525
757Monre and Lorina1525
758Dirk and Anouchka from South Africa1525
759Barry and Liza from South Africa1525
760Jaco and Myrna from South Africa1525
761Danie and Susan from South Africa1525
762Chris and Martie from South Africa1525
763Gurnica and Michael from South Africa1525
764Lambrie en Magdel van Suid Afrika1525
765Jaco and Enid from South Africa1525
766Louwrens and Janine from South Africa1525
767Willie and Amore from South Africq1525
768Andries and Melanie from South Africa1525
769Wiaan and Cemone South Africa1525
770Danny en Brenda van Suid Afrika1525
771Tinus and Lizelle from South Africa1525
772Charles and Michelle from South Africa1525
773Barrie en Colleen from South Africa1525
774Gerhard and Lize from South Africa1525
775Jooste and Nicolene from South Africa1525
776Gerhardus and Chantone1525
777Piet and Yolandie from South Africa1525
778Cobus and Xantelle from South Africa1525
779Christo en Hester from South Africa1525
780Pirow and Vicky from South Africa 20211525
781Kyle and Ninette from South Africa 20211525
782Gerhard en Anchen van Suid Afrika 20211525
783Henro and Estee from South Africa 20211525
784Ruan and Louise from South Africa1525
785Gerard and Rika from South Africa 20211525
786Martin and Karin from South Africa 20211525
787Dewald and Minnette from South Africa 20211525
788Riaan and Ronel from South Africa 20211525
789Willie and Collette from south africa 20211525
790Natasja and PieterCharles1525
791Jaco and Kayla from South Africa 20211525
792Gerhard en Carine Suid Afrika1525
793Rudie en Elize van Suid Afrika1525
794Pieter and Lizelle from South Africa 20211525
795Beverley and Marnus from South Africa 20211525
796Gerrit and Handelie from SA1525
797Marko en Monique van Suid Africa1525
798Oliver and Anita from South Africa 20211525
799Gustav and Charlene from South Africa 20211525
800Philip en Izebel from South Africa1525
801Christo and Magriet from South Africa 20181525
802Kobus en Anneri van Suid Africa1525
803Albert and Carina South Africa1525
804Coenie and Natasha from South Africa1525
805Kenneth and Monique from South Africa1525
806Jaco and Johani from South Africa 20211525
807Rudolf and Liandq from South Africa1525
808Lelani and Jacques from South Africa 20211525
809Jaco and Melanie from South Africa Nov 20211525
810Hector and Liezel from South Africa1525
811Marnus and Lize from South Africa 20211525
812Xander and Janine from South Africa 20211525
813Dawie and Darne from South Africa 20211525
814Larita and Evert from South Africa 20211525
815Christo and Laraine from South Africa 20211525
816Ockert and Carine from South Africa 20211525
817Theune and Juan from South Africa 20211525
818Arie and Jana from South Africa 20211525
819Jannie and Eliska from South Africa 20211525
820Gerhard and Estel from South Africa 20221525
821Radyn and Maryka from South Africa 20221525
822Adel and Bennie from South Africa 20221525
823Dirk and Ansie from South Africa 20221525
824Charne and Douw from South Africa1525
825Leon and Jackie from South Africa 20221525
826Tiaan en Lena van Suid Afrika 20221525
827Louise and Dian from South Africa 20221525
828Johann en Tessa Suid Afrika 20221525
829Elaine and Wilri from South Africa 20221525
830Cobus and Chantelle from Centurion 20221525
831I choose us1525
832David en Melanie from South Africa 20221525
833Rudolf and Amanda from South Africa 20221525
834Jaco and Iandra from Dubai 20221525
835Gerhard and Hanneri from South Africa 20221525
836Lowhann and Ina from South Africa 20221525
837Steyn and Claudea from Nam 20221525
838Henri and Linda South Aftica 20221525
840Heinrich and Ruzanne from South Africa 20221525
841Leon and Michelle from Ficksburg 20221525
842Shane and Angelique South Africa 20221525
843Janneman and Rolanie from South Africa 20221525
844Dan and Alet from South Africa 20221525
845Morne and Marie from South Africa1525
846Francois and Jacolien from South Africa 20221525
847Eben en Rosanne 20221525
848Teresa and Hermien1525
849Kelby and Chaniel from SA 20231525
850Francois and Heidi from south Africa 20231525
851Martha and Walter1525
852Vienella and Jaco from South Africa 20231525
853Ettiena and Anika from south africa 20231525
854Riaan en Carma from South Africa1525
855Estiaan en Lizaan van Suid Afrika1525
856Schalk en Shemone from South africa 20231525
857Willie and Marita South Africa 20231525
858Armand and Stephanie from South Africa 20231525
860Louis and Jonelle from George 20231525
861Renier and Anika1525
862Koos en Adele van Suid Afrika 20231525
863Francois and Angelique from South Africa 20231525
864Jacobus and Adele Claase from South Africa 20241525
865Henk and Adele from South Africa 20221505
866Stephanie and Nico fro South Africa1485
867Johan en Ilse van Suid-Afrika1455
868Robbie and Maryke South Africa1445
869Anton and Amy from South Africa1445
870Basjan and Sharline Zambia 20221435
871Johan and Charlene from South Africa1425
872Rulof en Magriet South Africa1425
873Corni and Magdel from South Africa1425
874Gerrit and Hestie from South Africa1425
875Sarel and Ronel from South Africa1425
876Gavin and Jolandie from South Africa1425
877Hennie and Susan from South Africa1425
878Lindi and Piet from South Africa1425
879Monique and Ekard from South-Africa1425
880Hannes and rozelle from south africa1425
881Jaco and Riana from South Africa1425
882Jaques and Mellissa from South Africa1425
883Bertus and Imke from South Africa1425
884Berno and Liezel from South Africa1425
885Jan and Carina from South Africa1425
886Johann and Marike from South Africa1425
887Diederick and Suzanne South Africa1425
888Quintin and Tameron from South Africa1425
889Chris and Anna-Carien from South Africa1425
890Leon and Nandi from South Africa1425
891Robert and Nerine from South Africa1425
892Micheal en Mignonne and South Africa1425
893Sebrine and Schalk from South Africa1425
894Fanie en Julette1425
895Des and Natasha from South Africa1425
896Zane and Chrisne from South Africa1425
897Kallie and Danette from South Africa 20211425
898Jacques and Sanmari from South Africa 20211425
899Burgert and Megan from South Africa 20211425
900Manie and Karen from South Africa1425
901Marius and Lizelle from South Africa1425
902MJ and Stephanie from South Africa1425
903Adrian and Jesmean from South Africa 20221425
904Avril and Magrietjie South Africa1385
905Fanie and Riana from South Africa1375
906Willem en Jone van Suid Afrika1375
907Tommy and Nan Spoelstra1375
908Sone en Peet from South Africa1375
909Coen and Elmarie South Africa1375
910Marilise and Lloyd from South Africa1375
911Wihan and Christelle from South Africa1375
912Burgert and Liesl from South Africa1375
913Jack and Lorne from South Africa1375
914Johan and Arina from South Africa1375
915Andrew and Elmarie of South Africa1375
916DuToit and Ankia from South Africa1375
917Reynold and Mandie from South Africa1375
918Pieter and Juanita from South Africa1375
919Juan and Linda from South Africa1375
920Mike and Adri from South Africa1375
921Willie and Anna-Marie from South Africa1375
922Theuns and Chanel from South Africa1375
923Danru and Imke from South Africa1375
924Tommie and Mariandie from South Africa 20211375
925Willie and Monique from South Africa 20211375
926Danie And Martie from South Africa 20221375
927Jacques and Lyndal in Australia 20221375
928Herman and Ronel from Swaziland 20221375
929Ivan and Vinette from South Africa 20221375
930Tiaan and Charlene from South Africa1365
931Gideon and Cecile from South Africa1365
932Gert and Hester from South Africa1345
933Danie en Letitia from South Africa1340
934Andre and Madeleine from SA1325
935Corne and Ciska from Namibia1325
936Ben and Diana from South Africa1325
937Johan and Jaatje from Namibia1325
938Roan and Veronica from South Africa1325
940Peet en Maryke Pretorius from South Africa1325
941Gert and Elona from South Africa1325
942Charl and Michelle from South Africa1325
943Francois and Catherine from South Africa1325
944Dawie and Natassia from South Africa1325
945Dwaine and Zaan-Marie from South Africa1325
946Ryno and Lerine from South Africa1325
947Heinrich and Nicolette from South Africa1325
948Paul and Susan from South Africa 20211325
949Mark and Chanine from South Africa 20211325
950DJ and Anja from South Africa1325
951Steven and Yolanda from South Africa1325
952Carika and Eric from South Africa 20211305
953Carlin and Naude South Africa 20231305
954Zander en Chanell from South Africa 20211285
955Stephen and Nadine from South Africa1275
956Marcel and Eunice from South Africa1275
958Pieter en Olivia van Suid-Afrika1275
959Nico and Christelle from South Africa1275
960Clifford and Helene from South Africa1275
961Dewald and Karin from south africa1275
962Johan en Malani1275
963Wouter and Sharne from South Africa1275
964Johan and Adelle1275
965Magdalena and Alfred from South Africa1275
966Werner and Cathy from South Africa1275
967Johann and Corlia from South Africa1275
968Neels and Charmaine1275
969Pierre and Lindie from South Africa1275
970Jean and Juanita from South Africa1275
971Wiltie and Saartjie from South Africa1275
972Liza en Allan van NZ1275
973James and Erna from South Africa1275
974Gerhard and Magda Steyn1275
975Herman and Rozanne from South Africa1275
976Jacques and Riane from South Africa1275
977Carlo and Celeste from South Africa1275
978Petronella and Cecil from South Africa1275
979Piet and Ilze from South Africa1275
980Christiaan and Benita from South Africa1275
981SW and Jacolien from South Africa1275
982Herman en Fiona van Suid Afrika1275
983Schalk and Chantelle from South Africa1275
984Pierre and Debbie from South Africa1275
985Gawie en Renee van Australie1275
986Renier and Rachelle from South Africa1275
987JohMarie and Carel from South Africa 20211275
988Wesley and Karin from South Africa 20211275
989Vaughn and Lilani from South Africa 20211275
990Sias and Nadine South Africa 20211275
991Hansie en Mariska van Suid Afrika 20211275
992Richard and Franciska South Africa 20211275
993Riaan and Charlotte from South Africa 20211275
994Jaco and Melissa from South Africa 20211275
995Ashleigh and Marike from South Africa 20211275
996Willem and Jolandie from South Africa1275
997Johan and Nadia from South Africa 20221275
998Monique and Tian from South Africa 20221275
999Christo and Annelien from South Africa 20221275