You have done it!!!!

Well done! You have successfully completed all 7 levels of Marriage Capsule!

You are serious about your marriage, and you want to make it work… We applaud you for that!

When you click NEXT, there will be 2 things left for you to do:

PRINT or SAVE your certificate.

The certificate proves that you have been inducted into the International Marriage Hall of Fame! We encourage you to frame it, and give it a special place in your home… You deserve it!

Simply click on the certificate below. Depending on the settings of  your phone or PC, the certificate will either be saved or opened. If your device is set to open documents, the document will open in a new window. Once done, simply close the window and you’ll be able to continue with the course.


And look for your photo! This is a massive achievement, so make sure that you share the link with all your friends and family.

IMPORTANT: Marriage requires continued commitment, hard work and effort. Make sure that you periodically refer back to your “File Box” and view the assessments you have done. Watch some of the videos again. Retake some of the quizzes. Never ever give up on your marriage!

Congratulations once again.

With kindest regards,

Liezel van der Merwe
Founder and CEO of Marriage Capsule


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