International Hall of Fame!

User NamePoints
2Corne and Elsie from South Africa2035
3Marilee from South Africa2035
4Captain and Firstofficer1865
5Danie and Wilmari from South-Africa1795
6Eon and Lourese from South Africa1765
7Jaco and Lizelle from South Africa1765
8Johann and Mandie from South Africa1755
9Tinus and Anja from South Africa1755
10Bartlo and Rentia from South Africa1745
11SJ and Hanri from South Africa1735
12Corle and Riaan from South Africa1735
13Elmarie and Gert from South Africa1725
14Nadine and Mitch from South Africa1725
15Hansie and Petro Swart1705
16Molie and Annaliza from South Africa1705
17Francois and Charlene from South Africa1705
18Johan and Elna from South Africa1705
19Anel and Christiaan from South Africa1705