Letter from Liezel

Letter from Liezel

(Founder and CEO Marriage Capsule)

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Marriage Capsule. I am so excited that you found your way here and I feel privileged that you are on our site, reading about marriage. It tells me you are or once was a fan of getting married and being married! Maybe you’re newly engaged or maybe you’ve been married for so long that you have to do a mental calculation to determine your anniversary year…but somehow you ended up here and you have questions. Will our ‘I Do’ last? Will we be the couple who celebrates their 50th anniversary with kids, grandkids and a wonderful legacy?

Well, I think you can be. I am an optimistic fan of marriage. I’ve been married for almost 24 years to my husband, Nico. We live in South Africa and have two sons, both grown up – Nico (21) and Willem (18). Being married is one of the absolute best things about my life. Looking back on 22 years of marriage, I can honestly say it wasn’t always easy. It was life. It was perfectly imperfect. When challenges arose or a crisis hit us due to bad decisions we made, it was hard. We knew we had to get through the crisis. Divorce was never an option for us. And with God’s grace and by being good forgivers, we made it. Our crisis became the glue that pulls us closer and holds us together. My husband and I are great friends, great lovers, and we love to do life together.

I believe our faith plays a huge role in having a happy marriage. I also believe that if you publish a marriage magazine for 11 years, read the articles, and get exposed to all the great insights and solid information that you need about making a marriage work, then it becomes your way of thinking, your way of life.

So, our magazine, INTIEM, is an Afrikaans publication and South Africa’s number 1 marriage magazine. We also publish some of Intiem’s articles in English and we host the annual SA Marriage Week initiative. (For those who can’t speak Afrikaans, Intiem means “intimacy”).

I believe that God has a plan to restore marriages and I know that Marriage Capsule is part of this plan. I am so passionate about marriage and family; and divorce just breaks my heart. People are so quick to give terrible, fast and devastating advice, such as: you deserve better. Leave him. Leave her. But the pain and devastation of acting on this advice is far worse than you can imagine. When I walked into our good friends’ home after they separated, I went cold. Only half the house was left. Paintings that I grew accustomed to seeing upon entering their home were gone, leaving shadows on the wall. Empty chairs and empty tables. It’s just heartbreaking. I want to urge you, fight! Fight with all you’ve got to stay married. You made a promise, a commitment, and it’s a bond. Do all you can. And remember love is kind and patient. It is not self-seeking and it is not proud. Take the first step.

There are so many negative voices in the world bashing marriage, it’s no wonder that so many younger generations wonder whether it’s even worth it. Yet, for most people, having a loving, solid marriage is still the dream. People want to meet and marry their Big Loves and have a marriage. The problem is that we expect our marriages to be self-sustaining. With that passive attitude, many people just end up living together instead of really doing life together.

A friend once said we invest in an air-conditioning system when it gets hot; we don’t buy it before the first heat wave of summer strikes. We only act in crisis.

I want to encourage you to act now and invest in your marriage, before there is a crisis. Looking at statistics, almost 1 out of every 2 couples get divorced. You could be next. It’s that serious and that scary.

We built Marriage Capsule for you, and it’s not just another marriage course. There are already about a million marriage courses available online. Marriage Capsule is a world first because it is a gamified e-course. It offers a 7-step-method; 7 Steps that will have a significant impact on your marriage. The content is brilliant and easy to consume. We’ve produced 23 animated videos that will help you understand the concepts. There are quizzes and you will score points and participate on a global leaderboard. You will gain access to LOFS temperaments that will help you understand yourself, your partner and how to do life together. What we’re offering you is a winnable and enjoyable experience. One that will disrupt the way we do marriage courses. Because it should. Marriage should be great and marriage courses should be awesome…this one is.

In closing, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee, so Marriage Capsule is risk free.

With much love and light,