Meet the Team

Expert contributors, thought leaders and business drivers:

Liezel van der Merwe

  • Title: Founder and CEO of Marriage Capsule; Managing Director at Media in Africa
  • Experience: 21 years in the media industry of which 11 years for INTIEM magazine (a South African publication focusing on the well-being of marriages).
  • Specializes in: Finding ways to influence and inspire positively through powerful communication vehicles.

Tania Wannenburg

  • Title: Digital Manager and Co-Developer
  • Experience: More than 19 years experience in the digital landscape including development and digital marketing
  • Specializes in: Digital Marketing, Web development and People enrichment.

Geraldine Murray

  • Title: Digital Coordinator
  • Experience: More than 4 years experience in the social media and content management landscape.
  • Specializes in: Social Media Content and Client Experiences.

Peter Edgar

  • Title: Marriage Counselor and Life Coach
  • Experience: More than 30 years as life couch, mentor and counselor in the relationship field.
  • Specializes in: Marriage counseling, DISK profiling,  trauma counseling, life counseling and pre-marital counseling.

Dr Arnold Mol

  • Experience: Author, Management Consultant, Marriage Counselor since 1978.
  • Specializes in: Human relations at home and at work.

Alan Sutton

  • Pastor
  • Experience: 35 years in full-time ministry
  • Specializes in: Leadership, marriage, men’s ministry, financial ministry.

Wilmé Steenekamp

  • Medical Doctor, Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist
  • Experience: 31 years
  • Specializes in: Individual and couples therapy

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig

  • Title: European Certified Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist
  • Experience: 24 years
  • Specializes in: Helping couples deal with relationship and sexual difficulties. Elmari is a sex therapist and have a special interest in women’s sexuality and sexual pain disorders.

Annelize Steyn

  • Title: Editor and Writer for INTIEM magazine, a South African publication focusing on the well-being of marriages.
  • Experience: 19 years’ experience as a journalist and writer, 10 years of which the editor of INTIEM.
  • Specializes in: The compiling and writing of articles on marital relationships.


Other members of the team:

Other members of team:

Leanne Eksteen

  • Senior Graphic Designer

Darren Tucs

  • System Developer

Mark Lawrenson

  • Animator
  • @marklawrenson

Heinz Boezenberg