Skype: 30 minutes BUZZ Word session – ONLY for Marriage Capsule members in South Africa / Namibia


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In this 30 minute “mini workshop”, our Marriage Counsellor and Mentor, Peter Edgar, will teach you a very powerful and effective tool for those very difficult conversations or situations.

Allow us to explain with one of Peter’s examples:

John and Michelle struggle with jealousy in their marriage. One night, at an office party, Michelle saw John talking to a beautiful female and she just snapped. She marched over to John, told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of his ridiculous and unacceptable flirting, before she stormed to the car. John, embarrassed of course, hastily followed her. The trip home consisted of them shouting at one another, before climbing in bed, fuming!

If John and Michelle knew the Buzz Word method, they could have handled this very differently and they would have certainly avoided a big scene!

This can work for any situation…

Does your husband shout and the taxis while driving? A buzz word can help. Does your wife talk about her family too much? A buzz word can help. Is your husband only interested in work? A buzz word can help. Does your wife put you down in front of the children? Once again, a buzz word can help!

Book this 30 minute session with Peter and discover how such a simple process can prevent a lot of frustration, anger and tears!