Skype: 30 minutes LOFS Skype session – ONLY for Marriage Capsule members in South Africa / Namibia


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Your temperament influences every aspect of your life and your marriage! By now you know whether you’re a Lake, Ocean, Fountain and Show. You also know your secondary temperament. Op top of that, you should also have a better understanding of your partner and their respective temperament(s).

The reality is that understanding how to do life together, once you know your temperaments, will take some time, some practice… and possibly some more help and input!

For that reason, we are making 30 minute LOFS Skype sessions with Peter Edgar available. These sessions are only for people who have already done Marriage Capsule, or who have at least completed Level 2 of Marriage Capsule.

Peter will dive deeper into your different temperaments and give you valuable advice and tips on how to understand yourself and your partner, and how to act (or react) in certain situations!

This session is worth gold!! Limited slots are available, so book yours as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!