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  • Did I marry the right person?
  • Would it have been better  if I was married to someone  who truly understands me?
  • My partner has lost sight of  our  goals  and plans  for our marriage.
  • What happened to the love and intimacy in my marriage?
  • Why are we always  fighting over money?

Hi, I am Peter Edgar and these  are real  questions  that  I  often come  across  in my counselling.  They come up with newly married couples  through to those who have been married for  a long time i.e. 20 /30 odd years.  You will note that  these sample questions  involve  all areas of the marriage.

How is that possible ?  Surely  each problem is unique  and  causes its own  reaction and circumstance?

You will have noted that  all of the above  questions indicate the sort of problems or differences  people have in their marriage BUT  significantly  they all  have EMOTION in them!

We know that  this does not always mean that there is a problem in the marriage, but rather that there  is  a block  or  disagreement in some area of the marriage  – and then emotions get in the way –  and with them the situation is made  that much worse and , as you know  any hope of resolution goes out the window – and so that adds to another area of disagreement and  the problems compound; and inevitably the marriage relationship falters and I get the above sort of questions.

The answer, or solution,  is surprisingly  simple.

Yes, it  will take some effort  and  work,  but  the results  are well worth it.

Through tried , tested and  successful  methods, I do a character  profile analysis.  Make you and your spouse  aware of each other’s  behaviour patterns and  how to approach each other and deal with situations  in every area of your married life.  This opens the way to dealing with specific situations  and  how to deal with them together – without the fear of emotional reaction.

To ensure that  I  could  deliver on my promises and bring about  positive  results  in peoples marriage relationships , I have  completed  a number  of courses.

  • Diploma in Life Coaching  and Counselling ( Cum Laude)   (Blackford UK).
  • Certified  DISC  profile  Analyst.
  • Advanced  Diploma  in  Relationship  Counselling
  • Advanced Diploma  in  Theology   ( Counselling )
  • And to supplement and enhance the above qualifications:
  • Certified  Lifeline   Counselor
  • Certified  Trauma  Counselor  ( working with Victims  and  the police )
  • Developed  a  Pre-marital  course which I have implemented internationally  and which often concluded with  me  officiating over  the  marriage  in  South Africa

All of the above, together with over 30 years  of experience within the relationship field , has  placed me in the perfect position  to  make a difference  to peoples marriages !

As  most of my  work  is  international,  I use the Skype platform  to  interact  and work with couples. Each  session is  1 hour long , is live,  and is  fully interactive.

We have had  phenomenal success .  As I deal with  all sessions with absolute confidentiality, I am not able to  give  specific references, but suffice to say that  we  have  had  great and positive results across the board – from those who are at the brink of divorce to  couples who just want to either get their  relationship back to what it was in the beginning , or  who wanted to take it  to a whole new level.

Give it a go –  you will  be amazed and pleased at  what it will do for your marriage.