You have bought every gift in the book. From the cordless drill (that she almost threw you with) till the spa-weekend (that made you smile in the bedroom for weeks). You have considered giving the spa voucher again, but she likes surprises.

You need help and all your ideas are up – here are a few innovative gifts to buy your wife.

  • A pretty satin gown. You have most likely bought her pretty underwear or lingerie before. Well, this is a shift from the norm. You can find a pretty gown at most underwear shops. To make it even better you can buy a pair of slippers to match. Ask the shop assistant to wrap it for you.
  • An unexpected visit and a basket of goodies! For this you must play delivery boy and arrive unexpectedly at her work, but instead of the usual flower arrangement, rather give her a basket full of snacks (think: imported chocolate, wine, heart shaped biscuits, rich nougat, a vanilla candle, body lotion, a nice CD, and special treats). She will love it!
  • Homemade cheques that she can use at anytime. All it will cost is a few pieces for cardboard, a pen and ideas! Make her cheques for tasks you are willing to assist her with: for example ‘One three course meal’, ‘a full body massage’, ‘you will fetch and carry the kids for a whole week’. If you want to you can put real gift vouchers in between.
  • A Bonsai tree. There are few women who can resist anything small and delicate. A Bonsai tree is a special plant that you care for with love and later develops into a hobby.
  • An exotic cooking course for two. We are not talking about a basic cooking course, otherwise she will think you don’t like her food and you are going to be in big trouble. No, the course must be French, Italian, Spanish or Sushi, and you attend it with her!
  • A meal with a difference. Book a table at your favourite restaurant (no, not the Spur!). Visit the restaurant before hand and book a special bouquet, sprinkle rose petals onto the table cloth, leave a wrapped bottle of perfume on her seat. Arrange with the restaurant to let you sit at a table for four, but then ask to be moved to a table for two. He will then take you to the surprise table.
  • A party especially for her. Ask everyone she cares for to help by doing a part, for example get your daughter to make the invitations. It must be done with love from everyone she cares about. No woman likes getting caught with no makeup and unwashed hair, so you must share the surprise with her about 2 hours in advance.
  • A box of feelings. If your wife complains that you never share your feelings with her, surprise her! If you aren’t creative, get someone to help you. Her gift is a box full of symbols of how you feel about her, for example: a candle (you are the light of my life), a wooden heart (you make my heart beat), a pair of shoes (you have made deep prints in my life), a plaster (you help heal my hurts , a pot of honey (you are the sweetest thing in my life!), and a lace bra (and the naughtiest!)

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