After 25 years of marriage we went through a very dark time in our marriage this year in December/January, we separated and ultimately got divorced. Through God’s grace we found our way back to each other. After we decided to get back together to work on our relationship and put each other first, we knew we will never be able to do this alone….this is where Marriage Capsule came in, we signed up and without a doubt, this was the BEST decision we could have ever made!
We rediscovered each other, how our different temperaments deals with stress and communication, how to spend quality time with each other, how important date nights and alone time is. In what stage our relationship is what our love languages are.
The only observation I would like to make is about the love languages….there is a difference between how I want to receive love and how I give love.
For example: I like to give love by doing special things for my partner and buying small presents and want to receive love with hugs, kisses and quality time. My partner does things around the house to show his love, but how he wants to receive love in quality time and physical touch
The questions is geared on what you prefer, which is how you want to receive love, not on how you give love.
We both loved this journey and how we grew as a couple. We talked about redoing the course in a years time