So thankful and delighted we have come across the Marriage Capsule course.

So well put together and fun to do together.

Learned so much about different temperaments and the way we think and act differently and how to gain perspective for the differences.

The course really enhanced our marriage in a positive way and we feel that life can be like a pencil that goes blunt from time to time and it needs sharpening every now and then and Marriage Capsule is like that sharpener to sharpen us again.

Thank you Liezel for making a difference in people’s lives with this awesome course you’ve put together.

We already spoke to friends and family about the course and what it did for us, we definately recommend this course to any couple.

We are thankful and we feel blessed.

We pray that many couples lives will be touched and changed for the better through this course.

God bless.

Henk and Sonette Janse van Rensburg