For us as a married couple it was a tough 7 weeks as it took us out of our comfort zones and forced us to communicate about matters of the heart that are difficult to discuss. We learned so many things about each other and have once again realized that together we are stronger. United through love and respect we can accomplish so much and are able to overcome life’s challenges.

Thank you Marriage Capsule for all the tools and tips and for opening the realization that in order to improve our current situation we have to continue to move forward and not accept the status quo.
We are the King and Queen of our home and hearts and our foundation will always be built with our Lord as our Savior and protector.

We would definitely recommend this course to any couple.

Due to time constraints we would recommend that couples not rush through the content and really make time to discuss issues as they arise through out the course. Rather spend more time than a week on that particular weeks content than rushing it off and losing some vital information.
It was a great journey and it will still be as we are not going to stop now that we have gone through all the weeks. We will be going back as and when needed in order to fully utilize all the content/tips and tools.

Money well worth spend!!

Thank you Marriage Capsule