Initially only I wanted to do this course, my husband did not think we needed the help. Even though we fought most of the time, he thought we would work through it. I read article after article trying to find what was missing in our marriage and nothing worked. No amount of communication or sex. Eventually he agreed that we could do this course.

The first two weeks were rough – even times I wanted to return the course and just call it quits. Then came week 3… what an eye opened…. I started wondering am I respecting my husband. Week 4 came and I read his e-book behind his back. I then realized what I was missing in our marriage. I missed him loving me, truly loving me and choosing me. Choosing our children. Again the fights started, I wanted his love…. Then I decided, I should respect him first.

It was as if our marriage changed overnight. I prayed so hard to change, and I did, slowly. My husband noticed the changes and I decided to share with him what I was busy doing. He was so on board and has been motivating me ever since. When I fall and step over my lines, he supports me and encourages me.

He has also started to change, has invested time to find out how God wants him to love me, what his role in our marriage is.

It has been an amazing 3 weeks. I cannot imagine going back to the way it was. I have never loved my husband this much, not even when we started dating, Everyday I respect him more and more, I show it to him. Everyday he loves me more and more, he shows it to me.

Marriage capsule has changed our entire marriage – I could not have hoped for a better outcome. I would have actually loved more guidelines in the respect unit. More ideas how to respect him (especially in modern times), a look at how God expects it from us and how to deal with situations where you are respecting your husband and he still isn’t giving love back (a lot of prayer).

I have already shared this course with my mother and sister and I hope that they will also enroll – not necessarily because they have bad marriages, but because you can always improve.