We’re about to get married and this journey with marriage capsule helped us to put foundations in place and give us perspective from where we came. We’re both in our late fourties with seperate lives before now. This course helped us to resolve our past and align for our future together.
Using the temperament categories, has been surprisingly insightful when we found ourselves stuck in a misunderstanding. The “ah-ha” moment was a relief and we’ve been having fun with it since.
Revisiting the 5 Love Languages and keeping it in context of the temperaments is powerful tools to enrich our unity.
We’ve made many interesting discoveries with the questionaires and will revisit them as we journey. We see the course content as a living library that we aim to revisit regulary.
The course foundation in Godly principles enables us to continuely build and strengthen our unity in God.
We will most certainly advocate this course to as many couples as we encounter.
With heartfelt thankfulness
Andre & Thursia (Thurand)