We really enjoyed marriage capsule and the time we spent together each week. It was fun to have dedicated time together each week to learn about all the wonderful aspects of a marriage. We will definitely make it a habit to spend time together at least once a week to discuss important issues and to check in with each other.

In a summary, we feel that Marriage Capsule is:
– helpful to understand each other
– it helps you to understand each other’s temperament in different aspects of the marriage
– help you to learn more about yourself
– helps you to understand your partner’s needs and desires
– helps you to understand how to deal with difficult situations
– give a lot of advice on what to do to keep your marriage alive and fun

Marriage Capsule helped me to better understand my partner and also opened up my eyes as to what he thinks about me and how he feels about me. I learned a lot of new things about my husband and also learned new ways how I can show him respect and how I can speak his love language and make him feel more special.

Upon completion of these 7 weeks, we feel that we have all the tools that we need to build on our marriage and to make our marriage a successful one that everyone will “envy” and say we wish we had a marriage like Jacques and Jorita. We will strive to leave behind a legacy for our future children.

Jacques & Jorita Cronje