We enjoy our ongoing engagement with Marriage Capsule via the Facebook Group and have enjoyed our MCM course immensely and found it very inspiring. We both have been married, before, with other partners and being together for just over a year now, still very much in love and committed towards our relationship and newly family-unit with children from those previous unities, bringing a lot of interesting challenges to the party on a daily basis. Your guidance helped a lot in getting to know each other better and what to expect from each other in different life experience scenarios.

The biggest quest that we are currently facing is that we both feel that it is not necessary to enter into a marriage on paper for a sustainable relationship due to the fact that we both came from broken marriages before, being both on the receiving end of the other party walking away from a lifelong commitment towards each other, for whatever reasons they had at the time. We both feel now that we are almost “showing” and “experiencing” MORE commitment not being married on paper, in committing to pray and stay actively together, than a ring on the finger and an Marriage endorsement in the safe. We’ve hoped that MCM would have clarified or convinced us that marriage, as we know it, is the “only” option, but we are still not convinced that the act of marriage, with the whole ceremony and everything else that comes with that, is the glue for two people to stay committed towards each other, but rather the way two people choose to handle each other in different scenarios Life throws at them and how external factors influence their perspectives individually, but also as a committed unity, together with their relationship with God, as the saying goes: a couple that prays together, stays together.

If God wants us to get married to have an even deeper connection than what we are already experiencing as a committed couple as Life Partners, we hope that He will reveal it in Good Time and if our current view of Marriage, as society understands and recognises it, changes, and we do decide to “tie the knot”, we will definitely let the Marriage Capsule Team also know, but for now, we have learned a lot of each other and our different personality types and traits and how to handle conflict more constructively in enhancing our personal, but also our unity’s growth, in principles and the methodolody that MCM showed and shared with us – Thank you for this very lovely course we could have shared in!!

Blessings to and Exponentiation Growth for MCM!!

Jaco and Lizelle