This was an absolute wonderful and exciting journey in our lives, although difficult at times, the program together with Peter Edgar, helped us to understand each other better, accept who we are and appreciate the little things that somehow got lost in our marriage! This program took us from being house mates to being so in love again, that time now spent apart feels like punishment. Not only did this help us through the most difficult times but it has also taught us again about love, honesty and respect for each other, it has also set examples for our kids on how to treat each other and to appreciate quality time as a family together. We as a couple connected on a level we never thought was possible, we never knew it existed and the deep feeling of love and appreciation for each other is just indescribable. All of our family and friends have seen what this program has done to our lives and some of them even joined the program! It taught us to deal with our problems and differences in a respective manner to each other and could put it all finally behind us. This program is a must do for ALL married couples and will definitely be a gift to our sons when they decide to get married.