Marriage capsule changed my marriage

Initially only I wanted to do this course, my husband did not think we needed the help. Even though we fought most of the time, he thought we would work through it. I read article after article trying to find what was missing in our marriage and nothing worked. No amount of communication or sex. Eventually he agreed that we could do this course.

The first two weeks were rough – even times I wanted to return the course and just call it quits. Then came week 3… what an eye opened…. I started wondering am I respecting my husband. Week 4 came and I read his e-book behind his back. I then realized what I was missing in our marriage. I missed him loving me, truly loving me and choosing me. Choosing our children. Again the fights started, I wanted his love…. Then I decided, I should respect him first.

It was as if our marriage changed overnight. I prayed so hard to change, and I did, slowly. My husband noticed the changes and I decided to share with him what I was busy doing. He was so on board and has been motivating me ever since. When I fall and step over my lines, he supports me and encourages me.

He has also started to change, has invested time to find out how God wants him to love me, what his role in our marriage is.

It has been an amazing 3 weeks. I cannot imagine going back to the way it was. I have never loved my husband this much, not even when we started dating, Everyday I respect him more and more, I show it to him. Everyday he loves me more and more, he shows it to me.

Marriage capsule has changed our entire marriage – I could not have hoped for a better outcome. I would have actually loved more guidelines in the respect unit. More ideas how to respect him (especially in modern times), a look at how God expects it from us and how to deal with situations where you are respecting your husband and he still isn’t giving love back (a lot of prayer).

I have already shared this course with my mother and sister and I hope that they will also enroll – not necessarily because they have bad marriages, but because you can always improve.


More love and respect for each other

We are married almost 20 years. But Marriage Capsule learn us alot of more love and respect. We where bless by some one to do Marriage Capsule and I will definitely tell married couples of this method.
We definitely will communicate more and listen when are not the talker.

We thank God that He keep us together.
Because we almost divorce last year March and if it was not alot of prayer and seeking the King of kings and people that was praying together for us.

Me as Annelize struggle to communicate about my emotions and God learn me if He say be still you are still but of He say talk you talk. Wisdom.

Thanks for this method may God bless you.

Annelize and Jack

Annelize and Jack


Absoluut verrykend en insigewend.
Ons was op ‘n moeilike plek in ons huwelik met baie konflik situasies.
Hierdie kursus het ons gehelp om mekaar van vooraf te waardeer en ook moeite met ons huwelik te doen.

Wico & Mareli

Fulfilled in Love

We enjoyed the marriage capsule course and made us realize we are perfect for each other

Martin & Nicolien Vorster

A must for every Relationship

After 25 years of marriage we went through a very dark time in our marriage this year in December/January, we separated and ultimately got divorced. Through God’s grace we found our way back to each other. After we decided to get back together to work on our relationship and put each other first, we knew we will never be able to do this alone….this is where Marriage Capsule came in, we signed up and without a doubt, this was the BEST decision we could have ever made!
We rediscovered each other, how our different temperaments deals with stress and communication, how to spend quality time with each other, how important date nights and alone time is. In what stage our relationship is what our love languages are.
The only observation I would like to make is about the love languages….there is a difference between how I want to receive love and how I give love.
For example: I like to give love by doing special things for my partner and buying small presents and want to receive love with hugs, kisses and quality time. My partner does things around the house to show his love, but how he wants to receive love in quality time and physical touch
The questions is geared on what you prefer, which is how you want to receive love, not on how you give love.
We both loved this journey and how we grew as a couple. We talked about redoing the course in a years time

PJ and Lisa


We are grateful for this course. We have learnt an amazing amount about each other. We feel that we have been given extremely rare tools to use in the evolution of our marriage. We cannot wait for the journey ahead.

Estian & Colene

Marriage Capsule Experience

The Marriage Capsule experience was a good one for us.
We learnt a lot about each other and marriage that we did not know before.
It was very helpful to get tools that will help us through things and which will ultimately strengthen our marriage and make it the legacy and foundation for marriages to follow in our family.
We especially enjoyed the “knee sessions” and we also benefited from the personality test (LOFS), videos and questionnaires….
Fun things added value!
We completed the whole course, which took dedication and perseverance from both sides….but we did not get all the badges – we do not know why?
Ultimately it was good and we would do it again – for us and to the glory of God.
Thank you for all the care that went into the compilation of this course – we will definitely recommend it to other couples in future.

Danie and Nicola Smit

Ongelooflike kursus

Ongelooflike kursus wat jou huwelik sal help om weer op die regte spoor te kom as jy afgedwaal het.

Marlin Wiggill


Het Baie geleer, gelag en alles wat bietjie afgeskeep was, na 21jaar se getroude lewe, weer laat vlam vat

Dankie vir ‘n ongelooflike kurses.

Johan en Tersia du Plessis

Our Marriage

Our marriage ecourage each other and invite God to guide us in strengthening and giving significance, openness and forgiveness towards one another. To enable us to word as individuals towards becoming an extraordinary unit that stands firm against the temptations of everyday life. We value honesty, mutual respect and love for each other above all else, including family, friends, careers, money.

Johan & Amelda

Marriage Capsule is fun!

We really enjoyed the Marriage Capsule. We have laughed and learned a lot.

Armand and Marné

Getting closer

By working through this course we have gotten to know each other better and to communicate about important topics.

Carien Kobus


Thank you so much for an informative and inspiring course that will surely help us with our marriage.

Willie en Juandré

Our marriage capsule journey

Thank you for a great course!
We learned a lot from each other and know where we can improve.
Looking forward!



Working through the 7 weeks reminded us both about the importance of Marriage and why we need to work on it everyday.

Eugene & Petrisia

Wow what a Course

This is a truly life changing course which we started in the midst of a crisis after being married for 20 years.

This helped us to re-focus and and re-think our marriage.

Thank you very much

Kobus & Corne Vermeulen

Great package

We’ve done some other courses that are similar to this one, so there were things that was good to hear again. What stood out the most for us, were the LOFS temperaments, the level about communication, and the one about sex. A lot of these got us talking and we had some good conversations. Thanks for everything.

Aldo & Ilene

Sour to Sweet

How did you find the Marriage Capsule Journey?
Informative, challenging and a commitment to put the content into practice

What did you enjoy most about the course?
Enjoyed the videos illustrating the course content
LOFT temperament quizzes and outcome

Would you recommend it to friends and family?

Charles and Lorraine Sauer

Marraige Capsule – A Must for every couple

For us as a married couple it was a tough 7 weeks as it took us out of our comfort zones and forced us to communicate about matters of the heart that are difficult to discuss. We learned so many things about each other and have once again realized that together we are stronger. United through love and respect we can accomplish so much and are able to overcome life’s challenges.

Thank you Marriage Capsule for all the tools and tips and for opening the realization that in order to improve our current situation we have to continue to move forward and not accept the status quo.
We are the King and Queen of our home and hearts and our foundation will always be built with our Lord as our Savior and protector.

We would definitely recommend this course to any couple.

Due to time constraints we would recommend that couples not rush through the content and really make time to discuss issues as they arise through out the course. Rather spend more time than a week on that particular weeks content than rushing it off and losing some vital information.
It was a great journey and it will still be as we are not going to stop now that we have gone through all the weeks. We will be going back as and when needed in order to fully utilize all the content/tips and tools.

Money well worth spend!!

Thank you Marriage Capsule

Een & Mary-ann Greyling

New Beginnings

We’re about to get married and this journey with marriage capsule helped us to put foundations in place and give us perspective from where we came. We’re both in our late fourties with seperate lives before now. This course helped us to resolve our past and align for our future together.
Using the temperament categories, has been surprisingly insightful when we found ourselves stuck in a misunderstanding. The “ah-ha” moment was a relief and we’ve been having fun with it since.
Revisiting the 5 Love Languages and keeping it in context of the temperaments is powerful tools to enrich our unity.
We’ve made many interesting discoveries with the questionaires and will revisit them as we journey. We see the course content as a living library that we aim to revisit regulary.
The course foundation in Godly principles enables us to continuely build and strengthen our unity in God.
We will most certainly advocate this course to as many couples as we encounter.
With heartfelt thankfulness
Andre & Thursia (Thurand)

Thursia & André

new beginning

I did the course alone. I learned a lot about myself. But I really needed this journey. Me and my husband not in a good space. Thank you for sharing all off this. I will be doing it again . I really learned a lot.


Together we are stronger

This marriage capsule is an amazing journey to follow with your partner. Me and my husband went through a very difficult time when we got hold of the marriage capsule. Not only did it help us to spend time together, it also helped us to understand each other temperaments and love languages. It also helped us to learn how to communicate with each other. I really think all couples should do capsules like this. Married 14 years now and going stronger each day.

Reinhardt and Samantha

Building a great marriage foundation

We are so happy that we found this Marriage Capsule before we are to get married end of this year. It has taught us valuable things about marriage and most important of all, ourselves. The LOFS!! Wow!! We have been recommending this to so many of our family and friends and we know, this is going to help us tremendously now and forever. Thank you all for making this possible!

Rassie and Isabella


It was interesting to see our LOFS and how we can compliment each other in our daily lives and in our sex lives. Personally never thought about temperaments when it comes to sex.

The small reminders about things that we need to focus on and that we mustn’t get distracted form our partners with our busy lives.

Andre & Zemha


Die kursus het meer as aan ons verwagtinge voldoen. Baie dankie vir die goeie werk wat julle doen om huwelike, wat deesdae so maklik opbreek, op die regte pad te hou. Baie sterkte met hierdie belangrike taak!

Francois & Natasha Fourie

Our great journey

The Marriage Capsule came unexpectedly but at the right time. We would recommend anyone to do the course as soon as possible after they get married, this 7 week journey can create a strong foundation for a strong and loving marriage.

Eduard and Eileen


This course brought us closer together, who would have realized that a 6 second kiss could change an entire day.

Phillip and Laurette


Dear Liezel and Team,

We can’t believe that 7 weeks has gone by this quickly. Thank you for providing us with tools and conversation starters to improve our relationship. We look forward to what the future holds and will most certainly refer back to what we have learnt in this course.

Greg & Betina

Betina and Greg

Great course

Welldone Marriage capsule team.
Ons het hierdie kurses ongelooflik baie geniet.
Ons sal dit vir enige iemand aanbeveel. Ons is so dankbaar dit het oor ons pad gekom.
Level 2, 3 en 4 was ons gunsteling ons het ook baie geleer in level 7. Ek kan eintlik glad nie n level uitsonder nie. Ons is so spyt ons is klaar maar sal nooit die pad wat ons die 7 weke saam gestap het vergeet nie.
Weereens WELLDONE..!!


Our Journey

Ek en Carel het hierdie kursus baie insiggewend gevind.
Hierdie kursus het ons geinspireer om ons aftree jare saam te geniet en die beste te maak van ons huwelik.
Dankie vir die oulike idees en wenke. Alhoewel ons nog aan baie aspekte moet werk, sien ons uit daarna en is ons opgewonde oor wat voorlê.

Ons het besluit om die kursus ‘n paar keer weer deur te werk.

Ons sal die kursus ook aanbeveel aan ons vriende en familie.

Baie dankie
Carel en Adrie

Carel & Adrie

Foundation for a great marriage

The Marriage capsule has really set out a great foundation for myself and my fiance to cherish our marriage and each other. It has given us tools to use during difficult times ahead as well as the happy times. We have learned new skills and personality differences and how to handle each other with love and care, for this we are thankful.

Ruan & Courtney


Firstly we would like to thank the whole Marriage Capsule team!

The program has brought so much closer together after a very difficult time as well as SAVED our marriage on so many levels!

We will definitely recommend the program to all couples!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaco & Natasha Maritz

Spiritually inspired

We really enjoyed participating in this well constructed and spiritually inspired course! It has definitely been a thought-provoking journey that has brought us closer together and we are sad to see it end. But we will continue to use what we have learned along the way! Thank you Marriage Capsule!

Gerhard & Sasha Nel

Marriage matters

Good course to do, gives you good perspective on your marriage.
It does provide you with the necessary tools.
Will definitely recommend it to friends and family

Desmond en Penny

The start of our journey

We are getting married on the 17th of October 2020 and we can’t imagine what our marriage would have been like without these guidelines given to us. This has given us the correct fundamentals for a healthy marriage. We have learned a lot about each other in the proses and will cherish everything we’ve learned to ensure that our love for one another only grows stronger through time.

I would refer anyone who asks me to do the marriage capsule program seeing that it is very beneficial to both people getting married. It covers a lot of things you need to know and things we did not even consider when we started with the program.

Thank you for giving our marriage the beginning it deserves.

Rudi & Miranda

Rudi and Miranda

Thank You

Thank you for enriching our marriage and equip us with the right tools.

Trevor & Dorette


The journey was a great learning experience. We loved the temperaments the most and it taught us alot about each other. We will definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Bianca de Jager

Love is persistent

We as a married couple of 7 years have learned that the love we have for each other can get us through the most difficult times.
We really enjoyed every level of the Marriage Capsule and would recommend it to any and all couples, those who have not entered marriage yet and those who are married.
We especially enjoyed The LOFS Temperaments, after this level we understood the small things that never made sense.
A Big thank you to the Marriage Capsule team

Lenize en Francois Botes

Completion of Marriage Capsule Journey

Hereby we would like to thank all the members of the Marriage Capsule Family for walking this journey with us.

It was much enjoyable and appreciated.

God bless you.

Johan and Yvonne

Groei en tonne liefde

Ek en my verloofde het die kursus baie geniet. Die kursus het ons nader aan mekaar gebring en nuwe karaktereienskappe uitgelig. Ons gaan beslis terugverwys na die eboeke vir leiding in die toekoms. Ons sien uit daarna om te trou en level 6 se aktiwiteite aan te pak!;) Marriage Capsule het ons voorberei vir die verskillende fases in die huwelik en ons streef daarna om vir God elke dag opnuut te nooi in ons verhouding in.

Dankie vir die prettige en mooi uitleg van elke week se les. Die admin is deeglik en maak alles mooi verstaanbaar. Ons is dankbaar vir die kursus!

Beste groete

Lester en Jonél van George

Jonél van Niekerk


This course brought us closer together, who would have realized that a 6 second kiss could change an entire day.

Phillip and Laurette

Marriage Capsule Feedback

The Marriage Capsule Programme was both enjoyable and insightful. We would recommend it to couples even if they think their marriage is perfect. We printed all the documents and will definitely work through them on a regular basis again ensuring that the methods are not neglected in our marriage.

Corrie Coetzer

Saved by the Capsule

Just what needed to save marriage, we really felt that some levels were specifically created for us.

Jessica & Liron Halgryn

Our marriage does matter!

We really enjoyed marriage capsule and the time we spent together each week. It was fun to have dedicated time together each week to learn about all the wonderful aspects of a marriage. We will definitely make it a habit to spend time together at least once a week to discuss important issues and to check in with each other.

In a summary, we feel that Marriage Capsule is:
– helpful to understand each other
– it helps you to understand each other’s temperament in different aspects of the marriage
– help you to learn more about yourself
– helps you to understand your partner’s needs and desires
– helps you to understand how to deal with difficult situations
– give a lot of advice on what to do to keep your marriage alive and fun

Marriage Capsule helped me to better understand my partner and also opened up my eyes as to what he thinks about me and how he feels about me. I learned a lot of new things about my husband and also learned new ways how I can show him respect and how I can speak his love language and make him feel more special.

Upon completion of these 7 weeks, we feel that we have all the tools that we need to build on our marriage and to make our marriage a successful one that everyone will “envy” and say we wish we had a marriage like Jacques and Jorita. We will strive to leave behind a legacy for our future children.

Jacques & Jorita Cronje

Jacques and Jorita Cronje

New beginnings

This was a fantastic way to actually learn more about myself and my partner.
I will recommend this to anyone.

Sonette / Lourens

Liefde Genees John 3:16

Super valuable, brought us closer together and really got to know each other more intimately.

Daniël & Zanél

Start of something big

This experience was great. We can’t wait to implement the things we learned throughout the course. This brought us closer together. Thank you Marriage Capsule!!

Tinus and Anja

Seven Bags of Salt

Well, where do we start….

We realize we are now in stage 5 and by doing this we are now equipped with the necessary tools for whatever life throws at us.

We got engaged, married and built a brand new home all in the same year. We then had a son after being told we couldn’t, my wife resigned her job to look after him and then a year later we packed up and moved to the UK. We have been blessed with twins here in the UK and it has been challenging to say the least. Marriage Capsule has made us realize that challenges are inevitable and that we need each other to get through them.

Thank you MC.

Liezel & Ian

nuwe oe

Die Marriage Capsule het ons meer geleer van onsself, mekaar en ons huwelik. Ek sal dit vir mense aanbeveel wat meer wil leer oor hulself, ander helftes en hulle huwelikke. Hierdie is vir mense wat graag beter mans en vrouens wil wees vir hulle ander helftes

Eugene & Enrike Albasini

Passion – Respectful – Commitment – Repeat

We enjoy our ongoing engagement with Marriage Capsule via the Facebook Group and have enjoyed our MCM course immensely and found it very inspiring. We both have been married, before, with other partners and being together for just over a year now, still very much in love and committed towards our relationship and newly family-unit with children from those previous unities, bringing a lot of interesting challenges to the party on a daily basis. Your guidance helped a lot in getting to know each other better and what to expect from each other in different life experience scenarios.

The biggest quest that we are currently facing is that we both feel that it is not necessary to enter into a marriage on paper for a sustainable relationship due to the fact that we both came from broken marriages before, being both on the receiving end of the other party walking away from a lifelong commitment towards each other, for whatever reasons they had at the time. We both feel now that we are almost “showing” and “experiencing” MORE commitment not being married on paper, in committing to pray and stay actively together, than a ring on the finger and an Marriage endorsement in the safe. We’ve hoped that MCM would have clarified or convinced us that marriage, as we know it, is the “only” option, but we are still not convinced that the act of marriage, with the whole ceremony and everything else that comes with that, is the glue for two people to stay committed towards each other, but rather the way two people choose to handle each other in different scenarios Life throws at them and how external factors influence their perspectives individually, but also as a committed unity, together with their relationship with God, as the saying goes: a couple that prays together, stays together.

If God wants us to get married to have an even deeper connection than what we are already experiencing as a committed couple as Life Partners, we hope that He will reveal it in Good Time and if our current view of Marriage, as society understands and recognises it, changes, and we do decide to “tie the knot”, we will definitely let the Marriage Capsule Team also know, but for now, we have learned a lot of each other and our different personality types and traits and how to handle conflict more constructively in enhancing our personal, but also our unity’s growth, in principles and the methodolody that MCM showed and shared with us – Thank you for this very lovely course we could have shared in!!

Blessings to and Exponentiation Growth for MCM!!

Jaco and Lizelle

Jaco Joubert & Lizelle Le Roux

Valuable Lessons for our Marriage

The Marriage Capsule Journey is very meaningful.

The Course is very valuable and enjoyable and therefor no amendments needed.

The Communication section most enjoyable.

We will definitely recommend the course to our family and friends.

This course let us realise how important our marriage is and that you have to focus and work on your relationship with your partner.

Johan & Elna Stoop

Our new annual to-do

We really enjoyed the course, to learn how to understand each other better for a fruitfull marriage!

We’ll recommend this to everyone who wants to make most of their lives!

Chantel and Wynand

Moeite Werd

Dit is ‘n baie goeie “tool” om mekaar te herontdek en leemtes te vul

Hendrik en Talitha

Hart Truths….

We found Marriage Capsule very interesting, insightful and educational in learning about ourselves and our partners life, feelings and how they perceive certain things in life, arguments and conversations.

We really enjoyed the LOFS, love language and kneecap sessions. To discover how and why our partner reacts in certain ways but also learning to understand, appreciate and accept our partner on a much deeper level than before.

We would most definitely recommend the MC to any and all married and engaged couples as this does not only pertains to what was and what is but also to what you could expect in the future to come.

We found that the MC is a true and valuable investment into our marriage and that it added a lot of value to our marriage.

wilmari and danie truter

New Beginnings

We are Tiaan and Charlene (Soon to be married) and we started with the Marriage Capsule as a guiding tool for what to come once we are married. We were still in the unknown about all what was to come.

When we started it was all new and strange but as we continued we have learnt so so much about ourselves and about each other and on how to communicate with each other and how to work with each’s LOFTS. This process has united us as one with the grace of God.

Thank you so much for the experience and for being able to share this amazing journey with our friends and family!

Tiaan and Charlene


This was an absolute wonderful and exciting journey in our lives, although difficult at times, the program together with Peter Edgar, helped us to understand each other better, accept who we are and appreciate the little things that somehow got lost in our marriage! This program took us from being house mates to being so in love again, that time now spent apart feels like punishment. Not only did this help us through the most difficult times but it has also taught us again about love, honesty and respect for each other, it has also set examples for our kids on how to treat each other and to appreciate quality time as a family together. We as a couple connected on a level we never thought was possible, we never knew it existed and the deep feeling of love and appreciation for each other is just indescribable. All of our family and friends have seen what this program has done to our lives and some of them even joined the program! It taught us to deal with our problems and differences in a respective manner to each other and could put it all finally behind us. This program is a must do for ALL married couples and will definitely be a gift to our sons when they decide to get married.

Elsie en Corne

Saving My Marriage

I have been fighting for my marriage for the past 5 months. I feel that this course gave me new ways to inspire spark in our marriage. It’s still not an easy road, and I’ve not won my husband’s heart again, but I will continue, and will work hard to being the 1 Corinthians 13 woman, and implementing ideas and prayers through what I’ve learnt.

Janine Swanepoel

Well worth it!

You learn new things about yourself as well as your partner. Provided great topics for discussion!!


Really enjoyed it

We are engaged and decided to do this course as a pre-marital readiness course. We found it really enlightening and it brought us even more closer together.

Etienne en Zarise van Niekerk

My marriage matters

After 37 years of married life, we realised that we were drifting apart. The empty nest syndrome caught us. We craved “OEMF” (spark!) in our marriage. After completing the Marriage capsule course, we can truly testify that we have found each other again, understand each other’s personalities and enjoy every moment together and make time for each other.

Gert and Lanie Daffue

MC 100

This was a wonderful journey! Although we are married for 36 years already, we still learnt a lot and it was nice to recommend it to our children as well. They subscribed as well and what a joy to be able to discuss and share with each other!!

Thank you so much for this great opportunity to be part of this!!

I thank everyone for making this possible…..it is so wonderful ….. you do a great grace job!!!

Hansie en Petro

Prepared and Excited

We are a newly engaged couple who felt the great importance of all the things we have learned in the past few weeks. We feel even more prepared for marriage and excited for the journey ahead. We are so privileged to have been able to get such a big “headstart” for marriage by learning and growing these past 7 weeks. Thank you Marriage Capsule for making us ready for this journey for 2.

Dylan Nobbs & Luane Vermaak

Marriage Capsule helped us more than we ever expected!

When we thought that we were at our wits end, a friend suggested we try Marriage Capsule.
What a wonderful blessing MC has been and we have been helped more than we expected.
MC hit all the right buttons and helped us to understand what we were experiencing.
Thank you MC for helping us to understand, to grow and survive the drought in our marriage.
We have already and will continue to recommend MC to all couples, young and old alike, to work through MC not just in the difficult times.

Wilma and Hugh

Worth while

We really enjoyed the course, even though we struggled to keep up with the time frame. We were able to catch up when we could. We learnt a lot about each other and it forced us to look at ourselves and our marriage.
We will use this course to improve communication, respect and love for each other.

Willie and Nerina Norval

Thank you Marriage Capsule!

Our journey started with an advert we heard on the radio… We did not spent too much time wondering, and enrolled in the course very excitedly!

The course was very insightful and gave us the opportunity to rediscover one another, and to have discussions that we would never have had, if it was not for Marriage Capsule.

This was a pleasurable experience that we will recommend to all married couples!

Our marriage matters!


Etienne & Marinda =)


Journey of reconnecting

The Marriage Capsule opened up new perspectives and ways to really connect again. This is by far the most valuable commitment we made to our marriage. It not only guides you to where you want to go, but also provides you with all the necessary tools to ensure that you are not going back. Working though the levels was equally fun, nerve-wrecking and also needed so that we once again can let go of the “me” and rather focus on the “us”.

Highly recommend for any one who wants to enjoy marriage as God planned it.

Daniel & Jana Marais

It is worth it!!

So thankful and delighted we have come across the Marriage Capsule course.

So well put together and fun to do together.

Learned so much about different temperaments and the way we think and act differently and how to gain perspective for the differences.

The course really enhanced our marriage in a positive way and we feel that life can be like a pencil that goes blunt from time to time and it needs sharpening every now and then and Marriage Capsule is like that sharpener to sharpen us again.

Thank you Liezel for making a difference in people’s lives with this awesome course you’ve put together.

We already spoke to friends and family about the course and what it did for us, we definately recommend this course to any couple.

We are thankful and we feel blessed.

We pray that many couples lives will be touched and changed for the better through this course.

God bless.

Henk and Sonette Janse van Rensburg

Henk and Sonette Janse van Rensburg

Powerful and truthful

Thank you for a great course. One can see there went a lot of effort and thought into the course, with a lot of research. Truly blessed.

Herman en Maryke

Pre-empting Challenges

This course has done so much for us. We’re newly married (2 years) and suddenly all that can go wrong, is going wrong. This course has given us the tools to deal with this challenges and will assist us to keep our marriage center through the storms.

Thank you for giving us this tool.

Bernard and Petro

Petronella Susanna Schlaphoff

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to partake in this course. It has really opened my eyes to certain areas in my life, and also brought confirmation that there are other areas where we’re already on the right track.

Blessings on your journey ahead!

Coleen Burger

A necessary rekindling

A necessary injection of new energy and love in our appreciation of each other

Nico and Elize Smith

What a journey …

It’s a positive experience to look at your marriage through “the looking glass” – you learn more, and want to experience new things. There is more understanding and just looking at your relationship in a positive, rather growing together than apart!

Daniel and Leslie van Zyl

Marriage Capsule Journey

We started this journey and we were again made aware of the things necessary to make our marriage work.

We are two very different people brought together in a life-long relationship by our Heavenly Father and this journey made us realise that it is possible, with our faith in God, to work through marriage differences and achieve a positive outcome.

The journey was planned in a way that was honest and straight forward. Serious matters were dealt with that made us think about how we should deal with life challenges in a marriage, how important it is to make time for each other and that there should always be time for fun!

We were consciously made aware of the fact that we have a responsibility to share our positive experience with other married couples.

In closure, we understand each other much better now and we are definitely going to approach life of a marriage differently and make it work as our marriage matters!

Joe and Hilda Bartizal

Our marriage matters

Dear Marriage Capsule Management,

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this journey. We loved every minute.

We are married for 32 years, our youngest finished school last year. We have experienced the “Empty Nest Syndrome”

This journey forced us to make time for each other, which we have not done in a long time. For the first time in a long time to actually looked each other in the eye and discussed us. Everything of this journey was worth the time because we owed it to our marriage.

We are committed to implementing everything we have learned from you, everything is printed in a file and we undertake to go through everything from the start again.

We are already promoting this wonderful journey to everybody that crosses our path.

With Love: Johan & Hannelie

Johan & Hannelie Steenberg


This was a real eye opener. The lessons were short and on point and never boring. Thanks so much for helping us on the road to recovery and to fight for our marriage.

Michelle and Anton

Journey of intimacy

Thank you for a wonderful journey the past 7 weeks. We couldn’t wait for each course to start. It really is a super course, not one boring moment. We learnt wonderful things and dusted off things we already knew. Truly a gift to our marriage.

Nico and Retha Grobler

Marriage is love, the special journey for two!

We really enjoyed the journey as a couple, and it is much needed to invest in your marriage every day.
Each of the levels covered was interesting, although we were familiar with some of the content it is good to cover it again. We definitely learned a lot of each other. We will highly recommend this course to friends and family. Thank you for this course and that you as a team believe in marriages!

Henrietta & Adriaan Louw

Wonderful adventure

We enjoyed this wonderful adventure together to get to know one another better and to grow closer to each other. We can recommend Marriage Capsule to any one.

Dirk and Lorraine Human

Always together

We Finished the course and it was really fun and we learned a lot about communication. We are 57 years old and in our second marriage. We have been married for 5 years now.

The role of the man and wife in a marriage as well as the type of personality shed light on our own communication challenges. Our age group and being in a second marriage have to work really extra hard to renew our minds and understand a partner that has been in the same mind frame for ions.

I really enjoyed the easy flow of the whole course and the positive and fun way you approached every area. There is no wrong or right way, it was all based on understanding and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness and strengths

Steveleen Kellermann

Re-evaluates our foundation

This course re-evaluates the foundation on which our commitment is build, and provides the tools to strengthen our relationship and love with one another! Thanks!

Giel & Shani Oberholster

Want to buy a bundle of these courses!

“It was a black day in my life when I bought Marriage Capsule Method on Black Friday. 10 Days later and wow! I want to buy a bundle of these courses for all the people in my life. Thank you!


S de Kock

Helpful Tool

Thank you for this helpful tool!

Etienne And Marelize

A flexible and new approach to marriage courses

As Marriage Capsule is accessible online, it gives us the flexibility to work through the levels on our own time, and to meditate on the content before moving on to the next topic. This is especially helpful as we have a baby and find it difficult to set aside long periods to attend a marriage course or watch long dvds, for example.

We especially enjoyed the “knee cap” session where we could look each other in the eye and be real about the status of our marriage. The gamification of the course is something unique and makes it interesting and interactive.

If you have done marriage courses in the past and are looking for something new, or if you or your spouse find courses or reading books dull, then we would definitely encourage you to try Marriage Capsule!

Kobus and Alet-Marie Kunz