Vision and Mission


To positively influence, inspire and enable couples to have a loving and healthy marriage and leave a blessed legacy to their family.


To encapsulate the tools couples need to succeed at marriage and handle any challenge that life might bring.

Our Essence

Ever asked a couple on their 50th wedding celebration what their secret is? We know!

And you can too…


A healthy, loving marriage has a far-reaching inheritance. One that extends beyond the family to the community, the school, university, church, workplace and ultimately to the world. Over and over again, it has been proven that healthy marriages nurture balanced individuals, and this in turn leads to healthy societies that maintain balance in our world. The lack of structure in society brought about by broken relationships leads to deep-seated animosity, mistrust, self-confidence issues and general instability in the collective. The benefits of happy households brought about by happy marriages are countless and well-cemented.

The legacy that is left behind for the family of the couple reaches beyond the immediate: it may be spiritual, intellectual, emotional, life skills or simply a way of being – a feeling of being cared for, loved and adjusted in a broken, unbalanced world. This, combined with the knowledge of being loved and cared for outright, can mean more than the sum of many other parts.