What you will learn in each level:

The “secret sauce” behind Marriage Capsule is the 7 levels. Each level will take you on a unique journey of discovery on a very specific and relevant topic matter.

These 7 levels encapsulate the 7 things your marriage NEED every day! Fall back in love with your marriage as you rediscover your Why, your What and your How…

Level 1 – Is marriage worth it?
  • Discover your ‘why’. Is your marriage worth it?
  • The Commitment Challenge
  • How to start finding joy and satisfaction in your marriage
  • 6 Reasons why marriage is a good idea for you
  • The formula for successful relationships
  • Stop believing lies and uncover myths and truths in marriage
  • Exclusive: Your own EXPECTATION MANAGER!
  • How to deal with the past
  • Create your own Vision Statement! (printables)
Level 2 – LOFS Temperaments
  • Making sense of you, me and life together
  • What are temperaments all about
  • Is there an ideal temperament I need to have?
  • Uncover your own temperament: Ocean, Lake, Snow or Fountain
  • Get to know your partner’s temperament and understand them better
  • See what life at home looks like with each temperament
  • Learn how to cope with your differences and do life together
  • Discover the 5 rules to coping better with marriage stressors
  • Your temperament in communication will be revealed in Level 5
  • Your temperament in sex will be revealed in Level 6
Level 3 – A man’s biggest need – Respect him
  • This level is for the ladies only
  • Find the way to your man’s heart
  • The Crazy Cycle
  • Quiz: Do you respect your husband?
  • Understand why respecting your man is crucial
  • Learn how he wants to feel and experience your respect
  • Practical ideas and inspiration to making him your superhero
Level 4 – A woman’s biggest need – Love her
  • This level is for men only
  • Happy wife, happy life! Easier said than done. Find out how to achieve this.
  • There are millions of things your wife wants, but one thing she really needs. Find out what that one thing is.
  • Are you a superhero? Take our test!
  • Your wife’s 6 love-needs
  • 5 Easy and practical ways you can show and express love
  • Become a pro – next level tips

Level 5 – The art of communication

  • Your LOFS profile in communication. How does an Ocean, a Lake, a Fountain and a Snow communicate?
  • Why communication skills are important
  • Learning the art of everyday conversations
  • Tools for sparking up new conversations
  • How to tackle difficult conversation topics
  • 7 Communication killers
  • Exclusive: How to create your own “SAFE SPACE COMMUNICATION CAPSULE” (printable)
Level 6 – Good sex matters
  • You and your partners’ LOFS profiles in sex! What kind of a lover is an Ocean, a Lake, a Fountain and a Snow?
  • Insights from a Sexologists’ couch
  • Common sexual problems
  • Interesting sex facts
  • For her: How to boost your orgasm!
  • For him: How to boost your orgasm!
  • Kick-starting the fun – 3 Activities (printables)
Level 7 – Designing a great marriage
  • All you need to design a great marriage
  • Quick quiz: Does your marriage need a creative boost?
  • How to make your marriage more fun
  • Practical plans to create an exciting marriage (printables)
  • How to find more “us”-time
  • What you are going through is normal! Insights to understand the different stages of marriage
  • 7 Everyday love habits (printable)
  • Prayer plan for your marriage (printable)

A couple of Success Stories:

Thank you Marriage Capsule!

Our journey started with an advert we heard on the radio… We did not spent too much time wondering, and enrolled in the course very excitedly! The course was very insightful and gave us the opportunity to rediscover one another, and to have discussions that we would never have had, if it was not for… Read more “Thank you Marriage Capsule!”


Journey of reconnecting

The Marriage Capsule opened up new perspectives and ways to really connect again. This is by far the most valuable commitment we made to our marriage. It not only guides you to where you want to go, but also provides you with all the necessary tools to ensure that you are not going back. Working… Read more “Journey of reconnecting”

Daniel & Jana Marais

It is worth it!!

So thankful and delighted we have come across the Marriage Capsule course. So well put together and fun to do together. Learned so much about different temperaments and the way we think and act differently and how to gain perspective for the differences. The course really enhanced our marriage in a positive way and we… Read more “It is worth it!!”

Henk and Sonette Janse van Rensburg

Powerful and truthful

Thank you for a great course. One can see there went a lot of effort and thought into the course, with a lot of research. Truly blessed.

Herman en Maryke

Pre-empting Challenges

This course has done so much for us. We’re newly married (2 years) and suddenly all that can go wrong, is going wrong. This course has given us the tools to deal with this challenges and will assist us to keep our marriage center through the storms. Thank you for giving us this tool. Bernard… Read more “Pre-empting Challenges”

Petronella Susanna Schlaphoff