It’s the day of love and passion and somehow you want to skip this day. Your marriage isn’t what you thought it was going to be. You wonder sometimes if you married the wrong person all together. You’ve tried a few things but it seems impossible. And today you feel lonely and hurt.

I wish that somehow I could just give you a hug today and encourage you. Writing this letter, I know for a fact that no one will ever completely understand what you are going through. I’m sure, if you look back on your wedding day, you would have never predicted all of this. And, most probably, you just want to turn away from the brink of divorce.

A marriage therapist was once asked how he knows if a couple will make it or not. He replied by saying that he always look to the one question they complete in their questionnaire, namely – “Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to make your marriage work?” He said if he could get a score higher than 4/10, he knew he had a chance! Think about it. Half the time you are willing to do whatever it takes, you are willing to fight for this. Even though you don’t always feel like this.

I’m writing to the half of you that wants to do something. Now, in marriage, it takes two to tango. You won’t be able to make it work on your own. But for a period of time, you can start by yourself. I’ve seen many couples, and have read many stories where the one person decided to fight for their marriage and it turned their marriage around. Is it always the case? Sadly no. But if you try; if you decide to fight, you might be the couple that can turn around. Imagine this can be your story. And in the end, whether your story ends happy or sad, you can confidently say that you’ve done all you can to make it work.

The road to wholeness might be long. You can start off with our Marriage Capsule Method but you will probably use this only as your first step. Talking to a therapist and ideally going for couple counselling is such a great idea. It will give you the opportunity to break bad habits. But for now, the first step is to do something that is achievable and that you can do in the privacy of your home and at your own pace.

This method will take you through 7 levels, starting off with Why? Is marriage really worth it? If you know ‘why’ you want to do something, you can work through any ‘how’.  Secondly, the temperament test (LOFS temperaments) will explore both your and your partner’s temperaments and will explain how to live with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. From there we look at what a man’s core needs are and what a woman’s core needs are. The art of communication is discussed in level 5, sex in marriage in level 6 and a creative plan in level 7. The course is easy to do and give you text to read, videos to watch and questions to answer. You will score points on every level. See every point as a ‘small win’ and a sign that you are moving forward and making progress.

I always recommend that you do this course with your partner but if this is not possible now, then start on your own. Complete the questionnaires on your own and your partner’s behalf. Learn as much as you can. The information will change the way you think. It will help you understand the basics of marriage again. I found very often in my own life that going back to basics helps me focus on truths. We go off-track and forget these in life. The Marriage Capsule Method encapsulates the basics and the truths of marriage.

It will be a good start for you. It is not a magic wand or a fast solution. I don’t believe there are any. But imagine you can work through this and understand the basics again. It will be a process. It will be hard. But it can be done.  You’ve come a long way already.

Remember that there are no perfect marriages. Marriage is perfectly imperfect. Find your own perfect. Both of you deserve to have all the benefits of a good marriage and sharing life and love. We only have this one life to live. Choose well.

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I pray that you will find the light that you are looking for.

With much love, and happy Valentine’s Day


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