About the LOFS Temperament Test

LOFS is an Acronym for LAKE OCEAN FOUNTAIN SNOW – 4 different temperament types that have a massive influence on the way that you do life. It will also help you to make sense of yourself, your partner and your life together, as your different temperaments have an influence on everything in your marriage – from the way you communicate, to the way that you want certain things in the bedroom…….

The LOFS temperament test will help you understand yourself and your partner better. This will give you that “Aha” moment where you could never understand why you feel a certain way for no good reason, or perhaps why your partner is acting in a certain way you don’t understand.

The questionnaire will determine your main temperament (Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow), secondary temperament and your unique combination. You might be a FountainOcean and your partner a LakeSnow. What does this mean? More importantly, after you find out that you are indeed different, how do you do life together?

What is your temperament?

Your temperament is the real you. Your personality is a so called dress you put on over your temperament. Your temperament is inherited and influenced by six people – your parents and your four grandparents. This temperament is the original version of you before you were educated, trained and changed by the events in your life. As we form habits and learn behaviour patterns, we develop our character and a “face” that we show the world.

Knowing and understanding your temperament will empower you and simultaneously free you, because you will be able to understand that this is how you were created. You can stop the comparison game!

You are not and you shouldn’t be like any other person. No one is perfect. Even the people who you believe to be better than you, have their own temperament type with their own strengths and weaknesses.

At Marriage Capsule we’ve developed the LOFS temperaments based on the four temperament classification discovered by Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine (460-370 BC). Many profiling tests have used these findings to develop further tests. It is probably one of the oldest theories and it is in no way perfect, but then again, no temperament test is perfect. It will, however, give you answers to questions about your relationship dynamic and it will help you understand your inner world a bit better. It is a tool you can use to grow as a person and for you as a couple to grow towards a happy marriage.

LOFS uses different forms of water to explain different temperament types. Why water? Water is the most important source of life; it is the basis of all living organisms.

  • BONUS: You will also find out how your temperaments want to COMMUNICATE.
  • BONUS: You will learn about your temperaments in the BEDROOM.
  • BONUS: You will also receive a FREE e-Book with Questions and Answers specifically related to different temperaments, and how to act in certain situations.

Free Video: For the Men

This is the second in a series of 3 free items that you will be receiving from Marriage Capsule. Keep an eye on our inbox… trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

Free Video: For the Ladies

This is the first in a series of 3 free items that you will be receiving from Marriage Capsule. Keep an eye on our inbox… trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

About Marriage Capsule

About Marriage Capsule

Does your partner truly understand what makes you tick? What you need to feel valued, heard and supported? Is your marriage everything you expected? Do you wonder if you perhaps married the wrong person? Or are you simply looking for ways to enrich your marriage?

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but staying committed and having a big picture goal for your life together is a mentality that can be cultivated. By working through the Marriage Capsule’s 7-step method, you will gain invaluable insights into your partner’s (and your own!) way of thinking, loving, and caring for each other. You will learn how to do marriage better. This is the “how to” guide that you should have been given on your wedding day.

The catalyst to doing a 180° on your relationship

Marriage Capsule is a gamified marriage course that will change your life. Whether you are engaged, newlyweds, or have been married for years, this course is designed for people who are in it for the long haul. The 7-step method  is designed to give you the tools you need to reconnect with each other and make a U-turn towards a better future together.

Even if you have underlying fears of divorce, unfaithfulness, or falling out of love; or a niggling feeling that resentment is starting to build because your needs aren’t being met, Marriage Capsule can help you identify and address the real problems. Investing in your marriage is crucial – and we’ve got the tools to do it brilliantly.

The Marriage Capsule  program will take you on an adventurous journey of discovery. It is easy to do, interactive and you will score points along the way, with the chance to ultimately be recognized in the International Marriage Hall of Fame! Competing with other couples from around the world just adds that extra element of excitement to the process.

So, where do we start?

Marriage is simple; You decide, you stick to it, you work on it, you enjoy the fruits of your love and labor. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is sacred. And marriage is totally worth it.

“A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there’s less of you.” – Margaret Atwood

How does it work?

In each level that you work through, you will get information to read, animation videos to watch, and as you complete quizzes and challenges, you will earn badges and score points along the way. Some levels also include special printables and action plans. There are 27 different badges you can earn, including the Commitment badge, Overachiever badge, Vision badge, Respect badge, Detective badge, Cheerleader badge, Superhero badge, Bravery badge, Blush badge, Go Girl badge, Superman badge, Steamy Session badge, Sexy Lover badge and Fun badge.

As you score points in each level, you will compete on a global leaderboard. You will, for example, see when John and Sue from Sweden overtake you and might decide to tackle another challenge to outperform them.

Importantly, all the content is interactive – this is not your typical mundane marriage course that drains the life out of you and bores you to tears. It’s a method that will empower you as a couple to take small steps back to greatness. If you’re looking to be inspired, then this is what you should be signing up for.

An important part of the 7-step method is the LOFS temperament test, which will help you understand yourself and your partner better.  This will give you that “Aha” moment where you could never understand why you feel a certain way for no good reason, or perhaps why your partner is acting in a certain way you don’t understand. The questionnaire will determine your main temperament (Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow), secondary temperament and your unique combination. You might be a FountainOcean and your partner a LakeSnow. What does this mean? More importantly, after you find out that you are indeed different, how do you do life together?

You can only do one level at a time and as soon as you’ve completed a level, the next one will unlock until all seven levels have been completed, which will give you the honor to be inducted into the International Marriage Hall of Fame!

The International Marriage Hall of Fame’s recognizes couples who have completed all seven levels of the Marriage Capsule course. These couples have contributed significantly to the well-being of their marriage and their family. They have contributed to creating a positive legacy of family and healthy relationships. The International Marriage Hall of Fame is administered by Marriage Capsule and hosted on their website. Couples who receive this recognition will be official members and mentioned in the Hall of Fame. Membership benefits include an official certificate, official recognition for the couple on the site as well as a badge that can be used in personal profiles if they choose to showcase their participation in this initiative.

What you deserve from a marriage

There are no amicable divorces and no matter what the world sells you on how okay it is, it’s not. Working towards a great marriage is possible. It will take commitment, grace and lots of love, but it is what’s required.

Divorce becomes a choice when couples do marriage wrong and in the process, lose their respect and love for one another. Couples don’t always commit to taking good enough care of their marriage. The highs are really high and the lows are extremely low. The good news is that most will come out on the other side if they stick it out and put their family first.

Marriage will give you a lifelong partner. Someone to go home to after a long day. A witness to your life. Someone that holds you when you feel your heart breaks and someone you can share your joys and victory with. We were never designed to do life by ourselves. We are made to love, cry and do life in all seasons. But it is true that two is always better than one. It’s great to know someone has your back, someone is cheering for you, someone thinks the world is better with you in it. You deserve to have someone like that and be someone like that.

Zero risk and a lifetime of rewards

We want to invite you to put the Marriage Capsule method to the test. There is no risk. We offer you a 14-day money back guarantee. If you complete the course and did not find any value in it, let us know and you’ll get a complete refund. We believe in the method that much.

We all want to change the world. Mother Theresa said: “If you want to change the world, start at home. You can make a difference.”

As the proverb says:

“When there is love in a marriage, there is harmony in a home; when there is harmony in a home, there is contentment in the community; when there is contentment in the community, there is prosperity in a nation; when there is prosperity in a nation, there is peace in the world.” – Chinese proverb

What to do if I’m alone in this?

What do I do if my partner does not want to do Marriage Capsule with me?

To successfully work on one’s marriage, both the husband and wife should be committed to achieving a common goal. However, it is definitely not the end of the world if one party does not want to cooperate or doesn’t want to admit that there might be problems or concerns. No sincere, loving effort will ever be in vain. The healing process might just take longer. If your partner isn’t ready or willing to work on your marriage, you should find a good mentor or counselor who can guide you through the process. Focus your thoughts on the eventual outcome of the process and not the lack of cooperation from an unwilling partner. Make an effort to change your behaviour towards your partner and focus on the behaviour that you would like to see from both parties. If you want to work on your marriage, commit to taking the lead by telling yourself “this starts with me”. Even if it seems as if your efforts aren’t working, determination is important. Furthermore, it will be encouraging if you know that there are many people praying for your personal growth and self-discovery as well as your marriage. Consider seeking prayer support from friends and family members that you trust. After everything is said and done, our trust remains in God to perform miracles.

Tips for when you have to work alone:

  • Don’t go at it alone; get a well-equipped and trustworthy counselor that can support you.
  • Do everything in a very loving way, even if you don’t receive positive reinforcement at first.
  • “Soften” your conversations with your partner. Talk about the positives in your marriage and avoid conversations about problems that can lead to arguments.
  • Don’t be resentful.
  • Pray a lot and ask God for wisdom.
  • Stay positive. Remember, change probably won’t happen overnight.

About the Company

Nice to meet you!

Marriage Capsule was founded by the MEDIA IN AFRICA group which began its foray into the publishing industry in 1983. At that time,  Schalk Burger, founder of MEDIA IN AFRICA, entered the building and construction arena with the introduction of South Africa’s first dedicated flooring magazine, SA Floorcovering Journal. This journal eventually became FLOORS in Africa and more titles were added, including Great Flooring Guide and WALLS&ROOFS in Africa.

It was the company’s ethos, vision, dedication and passion for publishing excellence and the audience he served, that culminated in MEDIA IN AFRICA, an exceptional media house with an outstanding reputation and equally dedicated team.

From the technical to the emotive

In 2006, MEDIA IN AFRICA ventured beyond the specialized technical publications upon which the company has built its success and added INTIEM, a publication focusing on the health and well-being of marriages.

From emotional closeness and communication, to recipes for unforgettable moments – INTIEM has gleaned unbelievably positive feedback from married couples who enjoy the read. Created with the aim to address South Africa’s high divorce rate, MEDIA IN AFRICA produces a publication which positively inspires and influences married couples to do marriage better.

The people behind the popular SA Marriage Week

INTIEM was also the founder and host for SA Marriage Week, which is an initiative celebrated annually from 1-7 September. SA Marriage Week is part of the bigger International Marriage Week, celebrated in 27 countries.

About INTIEM: in a nutshell

  • South Africa’s number 1 marriage magazine, currently in its 11th year of publishing.
  • Intimacy4Us, the English version of INTIEM, was first launched in print and later moved online.
  • Our online presence includes a highly interactive Facebook page that ranks in the top 10 magazine Facebook pages in South Africa.
  • Our platforms boast a very high engagement rate on the website with people spending time to invest their marriages.
  • We are the founders of SA MARRIAGE WEEK, celebrated annually from 1-7 September and is supported by government.
  • An official partner of International Marriage Week.
  • We have partnerships with high-profile celebrities that act as ambassadors for healthy marriages.
  • Two-time winner of Highly Recommended accolades at the Pica Awards.
  • Hundreds of reader letters testifying to the turnaround of their marriages.
  • The title has hosted 4 marriage-focused cruises, and over 50 women and couples days.
  • An INTIEM-representative acting as marriage coach on various national radio stations.
  • High-level partnerships with experts in various fields of marriage.

Digital development and growth

As the digital revolution unfolded, Media in Africa ventured very successfully into this arena with websites and social media platforms outperforming other media houses digital assets. Its two biggest Facebook pages, Building&Décor and INTIEM, have a combined audience of over a million fans and the Marriage Capsule page already boasting more than 200,000 fans. All websites have highly engaged audiences.

The next step: Marriage Capsule

Marriage Capsule has been an innovative next step for the company. Built on the experience of publishing INTIEM for over 10 years, the team gathered knowledge and innovation to find a unique 7-step method that will show couples how to do marriage better. This is no ordinary marriage course. It is a first-in-the-world program that is breaking new ground and implementing the unique science of gamification into an e-learning course. Marriage Capsule serves an international audience and the interactivity of text, unique formulation and use of elements such as videos, quizzes, badges, leaderboards and printables makes this course an easy-to-do, winnable formula that will change people’s lives.

MEDIA IN AFRICA has grown to become a leading, dynamic media group who put product quality and customer satisfaction above all else. It lives its vision to positively influence and inspire people and businesses through powerful communication platforms.

Today, the company is still a family-run business with strong Christian values and ethics, and it is now owned and managed by Schalk’s daughter, Liezel van der Merwe, and son-in-law, Fanie Venter. Schalk’s legacy of innovation in the face of adversity and excellence in the face of mediocrity remain a pillar of strength for the team he has left behind.

Meet Liezel van der Merwe (Founder and CEO of Marriage Capsule)

Liezel hails from South Africa and loves this country. She studied B.Comm Communications and has always had a passion for the world of business and the media landscape. She sees the media as powerful communication tools that can be used to positively inspire and influence others. People who know Liezel see her as an upbeat, energetic and future-focused person who is passionate about setting and achieving her goals.

Liezel has been happily married to the love of her life, Nico, for 22 years. She has two gorgeous sons, Nico (21) and Willem (18), as well as one handsome dachshund called Crunchie (11). She is a devoted child of God, a born-again Christian and considers herself blessed in all facets of her life.

One of Liezel’s biggest passions is to make a positive difference in marriages and families. Her goal is to be a positive voice for marriage, advocating for marriage in a voice that is louder and clearer than all the other voices that are pointing out why the institution of marriage isn’t the answer. She wants to help people navigate their way through the challenges that life brings so that unhappy marriages, the pain of divorce and children living between divorced homes can be avoided at all costs.

Developing Marriage Capsule was a challenge. “We wanted this to be unique and inspiring – much unlike the thousand other marriage courses available. People do well when they feel that they are winning and we wanted to develop a course where you will experience this feeling throughout. It is an adventure that you will look forward to, an experience where you will learn through various interactive elements. An e-course that uses gamification elements to help couples get back to a good marriage,” says Liezel.